Consider Timber Ridge Fence for Safety and Privacy

There is a saying “fences make good neighbors”. In many cases, it is all too true. One way to get a little privacy and distance from a neighbor is to install a fence around a home’s property. Fences are good for establishing property boundaries, keeping neighbor’s dogs and wild animals out of a property, and giving the family privacy and a sense of safety. A fence can make sure small children stay safe in their play area and keep dogs from wandering around the neighborhood. But, since fencing represents a sizable investment, shop wisely.

Why Fences Are Needed

There are a lot of reasons people choose to fence their property or part of it. Farmers fence to keep cattle in, to protect crops or gardens from animals, and to keep strangers off their property. They have different fenced areas to keep different kinds of animals separate and to establish boundaries.

Business owners may fence their property to keep trespassers out and to stop the theft of stored goods. Some businesses install fencing to shield the public from messy work areas such as junkyards. Construction sites are often fenced to keep the public out for safety reasons. 

Homeowners may install fencing to keep animals in or out of their yards or to keep small children safe and in the yard. People also install fences around swimming pools for safety reasons and for privacy. Some people like the feeling of security a fenced-in yard gives them. Others install fences to limit the interaction with neighbors.

Timber Ridge Fence is a fencing company that offers wood, vinyl, and aluminum fencing in a wide range of styles, colors, and heights. Fencing can be purchased to fit many budgets and style considerations. The experts at the fence company can work with customers to choose the best fencing material and style for their needs and budget.

Are Fences Worth the Investment?

Fences are well worth the investment when they are purchased from a trustworthy company and installed correctly. Good fencing can increase property value and make a property sell faster. But the wrong fencing, installed badly can decrease property value and make the home harder to sell. So, choose wisely and only use professional companies with good ratings and customer reviews as well as the proper licensing, bonding, and insurance.

Some things to consider when fence shopping is:

  • The budget available for fencing
  • The materials being used
  • The quality of the fencing materials being offered
  • The installation process and the training of the installers
  • The proposed scheduling of fence installation
  • The styles of fencing to choose from
  • Will the fencing company take care of getting required permits and contacting local utility companies?
  • Does the fencing come with a warranty? What does it cover?

Before shopping for fencing every homeowner should talk with their local authorities to find out what the community rules and limitations are for fencing. There are often height limitations and some communities have limitations on materials used, style, and colors allowed. Is a lot survey required? 

Get Bids

If possible, get several bids for the fencing project and then compare them to see which company is offering the best materials and installation for the price. The fencing estimates are often free and can be very informative. Choose the fencing that will enhance the value of your home as well as adding privacy and curb appeal.

Ask each company bidding for your fencing business the following questions:

  • What kind of material will they be using? Are wood fence posts treated, how thick are the posts, and what type is the wood? What grade is the vinyl fence proposed?
  • How long is the fencing bid good for and how soon can it be installed once a contract is signed?
  • Installation details are important. Will the fence posts be set in cement; will the fence be level on the top or consistent distance from the ground all along the fence line? Do they remove and haul away old fencing? How long does installation take?
  • What kind of warranty is offered?
  • What about permits?
  • What all does the bid cover?

Asking a lot of questions before accepting a bid is good practice and will avoid problems later. If a fencing contractor is unwilling to answer questions, move on to the next contractor.

After a contractor is chosen and the fence material and style are chosen, the fencing can be installed. 

Fencing Materials and Style

The choice of fencing material and style is very important as the fence should last for many years and has a big impact on the curb appeal, value, and enjoyable use of the exterior area of a house. Some fencing materials to consider include:

  • Wood fencing such as cedar, redwood, teak, or other approved woods. Wood has a nice traditional, warm look and if treated can last for decades. Wood fencing posts should be set in concrete.
  • Vinyl fencing is very popular because it is attractive and budget-friendly. Vinyl fencing comes in different grades so go with the thicker gauge. Vinyl fencing comes in different heights and styles.
  • The composite fencing material is made from a mixture of wood fibers and polymers. It is very durable and resists insect damage and rot.
  • Metal fencing can be made of wrought iron, aluminum, and steel. Metal fencing is very durable. Aluminum fencing requires less maintenance.
  • Masonry fencing includes brick, concrete, stucco, block, and stone. They last for decades and are very attractive but they are more expensive than other choices.
  • Chain link fencing is meant to be more utilitarian and is more for security than for privacy or style. They are lower cost than many fencing choices.
  • Barbed wire fences are strictly utilitarian and used to keep cattle in or wild animals out of large tracts of pasture or fields. This fence is limited to rural spaces.

Take time to choose the right type and style of fence and the right contractor to install it. Style is also an important choice. Coordinate the fencing style and color with that of the home for a unified look. A good fence will add value, privacy, curb appeal, and security to any property.

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