Cancer Weekly Horoscope 12th – 18th September 2021

Love and Relationships

You are likely to experience many positive vibrations and energies during this week. It may give rise to positive thoughts and may lead to a wealth of feelings. The positive cosmic powers and blessings may bring with it positive feelings like hope, happiness, and harmony in your love life during the latter half of this week. You may not face many problems and are likely to enjoy a good time with your family and friends.


You may now enhance your knowledge by entering the depths of a field of study or projects. You may be able to grasp new ideas, writings, or teachings of those outside the more familiar field of your knowledge. There are high chances of travel due to your studies. Your mentors and teachers are likely to play an important part in your learning. You are likely to get success as luck may be in your favor during this week.


At the beginning of this week, your metabolism may get disturbed, you may have a lack of appetite; this may result in weakness. Hence you must take precautionary measures to maintain your health. Try to have a regular check-up to become aware of any variations and take due measures to keep your stress level under control. However, nothing serious is foreseen. You are likely to regain your vitality as the week progresses. Try to minimize the consumption of salt for good. You need to keep doing some light exercise suitable for you to remain fit and fine.


This is the week, you need to pay special attention to your pending projects. Do not take ambitious or hasty decisions. Be careful while signing any documents or agreements and giving commitments on unfinished works. During the later part of this week, you are likely to have steady improvement. Your productivity and performance are likely to improve. You are likely to adopt a more systematic and methodical approach, and this may prove to be a good move. You may find some viable solutions to some long-standing issues and that may help you to ease the pressure.


This week, your daily work may require patience, dedication, and meticulous attention. The favorable planetary transiting may help you to make progress in your career. Its expansive impact may motivate you to work hard, but increasing responsibilities may test your nerves and you need to be patient. The later part of this week may be a very active and progressive phase. You may be able to create interesting and effective concepts that can be used in important presentations. This may help you get some good business deals.

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