Bed Toppings: Quilt, Comforter and Duvet

For a comfortable sleep, bedding is a very significant factor. There are varieties of bedding available in the market to provide this comfort. Go to a store, and one can find different kinds of bedding aligned properly, aisle after aisle. They include soft and comfortable sheets, blankets, quilts, quilt covers, blankets, pillows, pillowcases and many others. 

The more bed toppings available in the market, the more the confusion about them. Some categories of bed toppings include the bedspread, quilt, duvet cover and comforter. So what is the difference between them? Which has more functional purpose and which has a decorative purpose?  

Quilts, Comforters and Duvets are three different toppings used by people. They also add to the style, ambience and feel of every bedroom. This article will elaborate on the major differences between the different bed toppings. 


The term itself has a very nostalgic connotation along with the comfort it provides. It can be called an artistic venture as it belongs to a particular manufacturing style. The traditional quilts have three layers. They are the top, inner batting and the bottom layer. 

The upper layer in this is made of various fabrics that are usually stitched together to get that complex pattern and design. The inner batting consists of a layer of wool, and the bottom layer is covered in a solid piece of fabric. The colour scheme of a quilt can be unique and different from one another. 

They are available, both in the bright and varied colour mixture and also in subtle colours. Coloured pattern in white or black background is also a preferred colour scheme. Along with this,  people use quilt covers to protect and give that extra look. 

Quilts made using sewing machines are less costly than those made with hands. For acquiring the patterns, some take the effort to piece it together, whereas dyeing is an easier technique. The material of good quilts is usually cotton or cotton blends which makes them lightweight. Therefore, they are perfect to use in the summer. In winters, they can be used as a topper with blankets under them.


They are the bedding toppers that are filled with down or any other synthetic materials. Many comforters are sewn through the middle portion to keep these fillings in place. However, the stitching is not patterned ornately. The type of filling and their amount determines the warmth provided by every comforter. 

While buying a comforter, it should match the design, theme or colour scheme of the room. It should be aesthetically appealing as well. A comforter is also sold along with shams to match. Usually, they are used without any blankets under them. 


A duvet is technically a plain comforter filled with down. A duvet cover or a quilt cover is also used to protect them. It is usually like a fabric envelope used to cover the duvet. One side of it is usually closed with a zipper, buttons or even ties. However, unlike the quilt, a duvet is just plain bedding used for warmth. 

The warmth from a duvet also highly depends on the inner filling and the type of material used for it. They are available in different styles, and colour ranges to provide that simple as well as sophisticated look. The fabric used to make them range from cotton, silk, blends, synthetics and many more. Some even used embroidery and some other kinds of embellishments to make their duvet look appealing.

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