Avoidable Things Leaders Do That Make Employees Quit

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

What are the few things leaders do that make employees quit? Leaders set expectations and set processes along with goal settings that are not appropriate for the team. They do not support staff and they don’t spend time trying to teach the staff why exactly they’re chosen on a particular expectation.

Leaders fail to help staff see these things as part of a process and then fail to support them to take advantage of the fact they are part of a process. Some leaders waste resources with inconsistent goals and expectations & so the staff gives up and moves on..

Are you doing the work necessary for success? Have you communicated your process and objectives clearly? Have you set a plan in place to make sure this is so? If not you need to do that now. Get the process map complete and set the proper process constraints or else your staff will leave you.

Are your expectations too strict? Set reasonable goals for your team to meet. You can’t do everything or have everything done. Too many constraints will just make it harder to get things done in a timely manner. Find someone who can meet your time constraints.

Do you spend too much time communicating your process and goals? Give your team some space to get the feedback they need. A little time to process the feedback they have and then do what you can to move forward. This is an opportunity for you to show leadership and also to check that your goals are still aligned with your desired process.

Are there things leaders do that make employees quit because they are frustrated? Sometimes, when people feel frustrated they are too stressed to do what is asked of them and this causes stress. This stress then becomes a problem because stress increases exponentially when there are no breaks available. Find ways to help reduce the stress of your work so that you can stay focused on the work you have to do.

Is your work boring? This may be the number one thing that is preventing employees from being productive. If your assignments are not exciting or fun, it keeps them from wanting to do them. So, make sure you are doing what you can to improve your work environment by including more activities and games. It can also help if you are letting employees know what is going on in meetings. It encourages participation.

Are there too many meetings? Most times our employees need to be able to spend time alone with our colleagues. If there are meetings every few hours, you are sacrificing productivity of your employees. Give them the space & include them in discussions only when it is necessary. Let them spend time with their office colleagues.

These are just a few of the things that leaders do that make employees quit. There are many more factors that can contribute. Sometimes it takes a bit of adjusting to achieve the goal you are after. But, if you continue to try and do better, eventually you will find the right way to be a leader and it will eventually lead to success. Just keep trying, hold on to your staff, and never give up!

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