Aries Weekly Horoscope 26th September – 2nd October 2021


Love and Relationships

Transit of Moon and Ketu is to take place, this transit is considered gloomy for lovelife. Results of the transits could lead to some emotional setbacks in the relationship, try to avoid breaking promises, or making any new changes to the relationship which could imbalance the relationship. Try to share responsibilities with your partner which may keep them at peace and not feel overburdened. Also, try to spend some quality time with your partner to keep the sparks in the relationship. If possible try to plan a small trip with your partner or do some activities with which you both may enjoy and spend some quality time with each other.


Good results in education can be expected during this week. Small trips or cultural programs may be arranged by your educational institutes. You may also notice a yearn to learn music or even take up creative writing on any subject. Infact improving your creativity may also help you with your future projects and assignments. Fashion designing students or bloggers may get to learn innovative things this week. It is also advised to take up learning a new skill which could help in your future. You are advised to stay away from bad company and maintain a good set of friends. Aspiring sportsmen should avoid miscommunication with their coaches as that could be the reason for stress for the entire week.


Health seems to be in very good shape this week. It may favor you remarkably. Do carry on this good health by reducing the intake of food from outside or consuming any cold beverages. Try to continue being in good shape by making healthy food choices and exercising regularly. Along with physical exercise, focus on meditating, doing yoga regularly to keep stress, anger, aggression at bay, and maintain your overall physical and mental health. Overall keep a tab on your food habits, work habits. Do not work overnights and continue to improve your diet, also, avoid junk and fast food as much as possible.


Mixed results could be seen in the department of money and finances. There could be some unplanned expenditures that could arise this week, some related to traveling, fashion, grooming, higher education, or even children’s expenditure. You may incur some financial losses, however, there could be some financial gains as well from business partners, online platforms, or even from the new business investments. Extra money can be earned from elders, relatives, or friends. Be cautious while investing in the share market this week do you research thoroughly before you take the leap. To handle the varied and mixed financial scenarios try to develop a proper plan to handle income and expenditure.


You may get appreciated and recognized for all your efforts at work. Maintain your recognition and do not get involved in office politics or gossip related to your colleagues. Try to be a little cautious with your job-related tasks, responsibilities, and do thorough research of your information and data before you present it to your seniors or boss. You may face some disagreements at work with your seniors or female colleagues. Unplanned Business Trips also seem to be on cards. Businessmen who are in the field of gemstones or creativity may not get expected results in their current ventures.

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