Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 5th – 11th September 2021

Love and Relationships

This week, there are chances that you may face many challenges in your relationship. You may disagree with your partner due to some miscommunication. You need to be patient. A communication gap may make the situation more challenging. Hence, try to spend quality time together and have clear communication with each other. Marriage relationships are likely to be average. Try to fulfill the promises that you made with your spouse. You may be able to spend time with your spouse. Small get together with family may take place this week. There are chances that you may meet or have communication with an ex-partner. If you are single, you may get a relationship proposal from an old friend. Try not to be aggressive and demanding in a relationship.


The students may get distracted from studies due to wrong company. This week may be the right time to clear all the pending work and revision. Participating in meditation class or exercise may help you to boost your concentration power. Higher education may be successful this week. There are high chances of success in arts and creative work. You are likely to get good support from your teachers and parents. You may get admission in desired college and distance learning courses. Due to planetary transits, you may be now more inclined to learn religion and spiritual subjects this week. Take baby steps to make things easier for this week. Hard work and self-study may help you to achieve your target.


Some minor health issues are on cards this week. You may get a throat infection due to weather change. Try not to get into unnecessary arguments otherwise, your health may get affected. The health of your father and grandfather needs to be taken care of. Avoid eating outside food and drinking cold beverages. You may feel tired due to workload and traveling. Stress may bring some health challenges. Light exercise may give some relief. You are advised to keep yourself hydrated and strictly follow a healthy diet. Try to avoid negative thoughts as it may affect your health. Meditation may help you to attain peace of mind.


This week there may be some unplanned expenses but good financial gains are also foreseen. You are advised not to take any land and financial help from friends, as you may face some difficulties while returning it. There are high chances of good gain if you are in a property-related career. You may get the desired financial help from your father this week due to Moon transit. There may be expenses due to traveling. Pilgrimage or shopping may give a financial crunch so it will be helpful if you plan your budget for this week. Your Mother’s guidance may also help you to get a financial gain in business. You may be able to save a good amount of money this week. However, it may not be a favorable time to make a major investment in property.


Your creative abilities are likely to enhance this week. A female colleague is likely to help you at work. You may be appreciated by your seniors at your workplace due to your innovative ideas and initiative to take responsibility. Your boss and senior will support you and accept your idea. There are chances of some new changes which may give different visions to execute your plan related to business. However, it may not be a favorable time to take new projects in your hand. There is the possibility of short-distance traveling related to your business.

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