Afghanistan is bleeding and beseeching for help, but still, its shrieks failed to draw international attention to the pathetic condition of Afghan women. 


The tumultuous clamor of terrorism echoing across Afghanistan is terribly heart wrenching for the entire world, except its neighbor Pakistan. Taliban has cruelly orchestrated its horrifying game in Afghanistan which has already engulfed thousands of people, children, and women. Taliban which has been nurtured wholeheartedly by Pakistan, is not even sparing Muslims. Talibani lascivious terrorists are spreading horror in all regions, forcing innocent people to suffer and flee. Terrorists have already trampled down all the rights, continuously sabotaging Afghanistan, tearing it apart like a paper. 

Major provinces  have been strategically captured, fettered by Taliban, and the young girls are in jeopardy as this terrorist organization is curious to kidnap all the girls and force them live a life of a sex slave for good which seems utterly inhumane in this modern era where Human Rights are supposed to be protected no matter what. However, these rights are easily smothered in Islamic countries by terrorist organizations. Surprisingly, even international Human Rights activists and liberals don’t feel bothered when Islamic terrorists gobble up the liberty of girls, women, and even boys. The jihad hijacks young minds and they are maliciously trained to think that killing people to let terrorists destroy countries and rule over the heaps of dismantled civilizations under the façade of Islam is the most important thing to reach Jannat. 

The daydreaming of Jannat comprising a river of wine, and seventy two virgins have befooled terrorists and made them behave like the monsters tramping around the streets of Afghanistan. Nevertheless, international media, writers, celebrities, porn stars who generally start cavorting on their couches whenever they hear anything happening in India, and lecture on several issues relentlessly, are now playing deaf and nonchalant as though nothing has happened in Afghanistan. All types of activism, humanity, and specially lives matter campaigns by woke lobby of hypocrites are no where to be seen. 

UK’s special guest Malala Yousafzai who has been tormented by Taliban years ago for defying its orders, is still in dilemma as to how to react after Taliban has shockingly shown the terrifying glimpse of Radical Islamic terror. There is certainly a huge number of such activists who are unbelievably obsessed with protesting against everything in any country except Islamic countries. All the activism, bravery dies down when they are questioned to condemn not just the attack but the attacker. With their agility to avoid uttering a single word about Islamic terrorism, they stir a propaganda by deviating attention towards other issues, and they suddenly come up with a hacky line, ‘Terrorism has no religion’. 

The question arises, why don’t these celebrities who purport to be secular, unbiased and progressive become timid when it comes to condemn radical Islamic terrorism? It’s because Islamist don’t entertain these secular people, so they know secularism can’t protect them from Islamists. International journalists and celebrities which have attempted to portray Prime Minister Modi as a threat to Muslims, seems to be busy fossicking through their pants to find any illogical sophistry to bewilder people about Taliban. They won’t probably contemplate much before depicting Taliban as a peaceful organization which is working for the betterment of Afghanistan. They have shamelessly whitewashed the blood-soaked sins of Islamic terror groups several times. So this is not really a big thing for them, if they are coerced to speak anything about Afghanistan. However, I believe that they would rather ignore this. 

Lengthy articles with figments and fancy words are written and published in magazines helmed by terrorist sympathizers. In which Taliban is shown as a peaceful outfit. This is oddly unerring. They never feel scared even for a moment when it comes to criticizing other countries and religions, they disseminate fictitious stories of atrocities happening against Muslims in non Islamic countries, however their fearless journalism goes limp when terror outfits destroy other countries and establish their brutal rule, imposing sharia law to tether women’s liberty. 

What is happening in Afghanistan is worth noting that this might happen in any country if we keep getting bamboozled by secular figments and ignore the Islamic reality. Terrorists definitely don’t care how secular you, how derogatory things you said about other religions. The liberalism, feminism, communism, socialism, and all other types of such myths surrender in Islamic countries. That’s why no feminist is possibly bothered by what is happening to women in Afghanistan, no liberal is ashamed of turning a blind eye to Talibani atrocities against women, no celebrity is rattled for seeing Human Rights violations in Afghanistan and other countries. All are playing nonchalant as if nothing has happened, but, the question is, would they behave like this if this happened in any country such as India, USA, except China?

Now, Taliban has exhibited fanaticism and terrorism overtly, sabotaging Afghanistan day after day, and still, this news couldn’t punch any liberal, journalist and celebrity. The truth is, they are simply eluding any threat to their lives by turning a blind eye to Afghanistan, because they know Taliban isn’t not only deeply implanted in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but countless Talibani terrorists are roaming around probably in all countries. Not all terrorists wield guns, and carry grenade in their bags, Some sit in news studios, universities and  others are generally in literature industry in order to justify all the rapes of girls, murders of non Muslims, and Islamic terrorism with some sophistry like islamophobia. This is what they are certainly afraid of.

Nonchalance of international media towards Afghanistan is an evidence of the fact that liberalism, secularism, feminism are unequivocally a buffoonery. hundreds of Families are fleeing from the regions which Taliban has captured, and terrorists combed the cities to kidnap young girls in order to make them fresh, intact meat for lusty terrorists. International feminists who can vociferate and dance naked obnoxiously, showcasing untasteful obscenity, are now busy smoking weeds. Liberals who are unbelievably indignant all the time, are toiling to unearth illogical logics to justify this Islamic inhumane catastrophe. 

All these pseudo humanitarians are shifted to ant holes, were seen intensely vilifying Israel a couple of months ago, when Israel eliminated Hamas terrorists who attempted to storm Israel with rockets. All the celebrities, journalists went amuck and delineated Israel as a state of terrorism, so simply wiping all the sins of Hamas terror outfit away. However, now Taliban is brutally slashing democracy of Afghanistan, burying all the rights of women, and non Muslims. 

This hypocrisy has gobbled up many countries. And like Afghanistan is going to fall soon, many countries which have such types of journalists, authors, politicians and celebrities, they would certainly be toppled down by Islamic outfits. And like Afghanistan is bleeding and beseeching for help and still its shrieks failed to draw international attention due to Islamic threats, umpteen countries might be destroyed by Islamic terror groups in future. However, nobody can possibly question it. For, if anyone dares, he will be labelled islamophobic and hate monger by these so-called journalists, liberals, and seculars who are currently underground as their source of activism is now in jeopardy, since Taliban has unsheathed real fascism, barbarity and muffled all the rights of women.

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