6 Relaxing Paint Colours for Stress Relief in home


Colour psychology plays a big role in determining the moods of people. Every colour has a unique effect on your mind. Different colours also have different effects depending on the shades and tones. Dark red is associated with intense emotions while light red is more playful and cheerful. 

You will find it amazing to know that colours can also help in stress relief. Using these colours for wall painting is the best way to keep your home calming and relaxing. 


Blue is renowned to be the most soothing colour. It is the colour of the sky and the sea. No wonder, blue gives you the best sense of comfort and peace. Lighter shades of blue like sky blue and powder blue can give a greater sense of lightness and peace. They are perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms. Darker shades can also be used to give a rich, royal look to living rooms and large spaces.


The light shade of purple is known to bring in a great sense of spirituality and relaxes your nerves. Lavender and lilac shades are commonly noticed in spas and parlours to give a sense of rejuvenation to customers. The unique colour is beautiful and individualistic. With a base of blue and pink, the light purple shade is a great colour to help in stress reduction.

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Blush Pink

Light shades of pink and peach give a sense of freshness and rejuvenation. Blush pink is very popular as a relaxing wall paint colour. It is not too harsh on the eyes and also gives a mild feeling of summer and spring altogether. It is an excellent colour for modern living rooms and bedrooms. Blush pink is also a very stylish colour if used with the right home decor accessories.

Sage Gray

Gray is often considered dull and boring but it can be an excellent choice for stress relief if used in the right way. As a neutral colour, gray is not too dark, not too bright. Sage Gray is among the best shades of gray that can be used in modern spaces. It has a greenish undertone that gives you the perfect sense of relaxation and calmness. It can also be very elegant and sophisticated for living rooms and bedrooms.

Soft Tan

Lighter shades of beige and brown represent the earth. They are excellent colours for stability and stress reduction. Soft Tan is an elegant shade of beige with a brownish undertone. It is a vibrant colour that gives warmth and instantly invites you to sit and calm down. The beautiful shade is perfect for living rooms and dining rooms. It is also an excellent shade for exteriors in contemporary times.

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Classic White

When we talk of relaxation and stress relief, we cannot miss white. The neutral colour perfectly represents peace and calmness. You can also bring different moods with different tints of white like cool white and off white. However, white can be a tricky colour if you don’t have the right elements to complement. Too much white can feel stark and suffocating. Balance the shade with the right textures and patterns.

These were some of the best colours to create a relaxing space. We assure you that you will have experience reduced anxiety and great stress relief if you see these colours more in your environment. Apart from colours, you should also incorporate plenty of textures and subtle textures in your surroundings for a vibrant home.

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