5 Things to Expect From A Tarot Card Reading

A nuanced reading from an expert in the mechanics of the ancient tarot deck is one of the best ways to gain psychic insight into life’s challenges and choices. The deck’s symbolism and history is so powerful and so deeply interwoven into a variety of world cultures that it often produces accurate results when an informed reader is not even psychic. When used by someone with a sixth sense talent, it becomes a truly powerful tool. Before jumping into what you can expect, let’s talk a little about what tarot is and what it does.

What Is a Tarot Card Reading?

Most of the time, accurate psychic readings are easier with the deck than with just a counseling session or consultation. This is because the visual symbolism on the actual cards, along with their numerology, affects the exact reading. So does the placement of other cards in the layout. As a result, changing decks or reading layout styles will change the kind of answers you can get from a reading. Readings themselves are sessions where a query is put to the deck, the layout is dealt in order, and then the reader interprets the story told by the day’s deal.

Different Types of Tarot Card Readings

There are seven major types of tarot readings. Six are commonly used by psychics for clients and one is typically used when an expert with a personalized deck queries the deck directly.

  1. The Love Spread
  2. The Celtic Cross
  3. The Success Spread
  4. The Financial or Career Path Spread
  5. The Three Card Spread
  6. The Spiritual Spread
  7. The Golden Dawn Layout

The final one is the one best left to experienced professionals with questions about their own lives. The others are good card spreads for focusing your query on a particular goal. From there, the suits themselves govern areas like love, career, or spirituality.  Top psychics read those as factors in the answer to your query. For example, a career path spread may be heavily influenced by the querent’s love life if there are a lot of cups showing.

So What Can You Expect

If you’re working with tarot for the first time, your psychic’s experience will guide the process, but the actual imagery on the cards will dictate the forces that may be at play. That means the deck choice affects the outcome as much as the spread or the psychic. Finding the best combination is the key to accurate results from the best love psychics and other talented professionals. At your first reading, you can expect these things:

  1. Questioning about your goals or query to determine the best spread to use
  2. Introductory questions or discussion to get to know your situation and reasons for the query, to provide better context for the reading
  3. Personalized interpretation of the cards by numerology, visual elements in the art, and relationship to the other cards in the spread
  4. Continued discussion and questioning to find the factors in your life that match those being represented in the visual story
  5. A finalized story of the spread that presents you with the possible paths forward suggested by the cards

These are the five major phases of the reading, but you might also expect to find insight, clarity, or even the sudden rush of a finalized decision that you did not realize you had been deliberating on. Get a hold of an experienced tarot psychic today to learn more.

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