3 Things One Must Know About Dance Costumes


The connection between a dancer, the dance and the dance costume is critical. It not only tells you about the practice one undergoes but also various cultures that are involved in this connection. In addition, there are various kinds of dance clothes that have different applications and are used for different dances. 

Dance costumes can sometimes be quite expensive because of the fabric used and various other parameters. There are different dance costumes, like modern dance costumes, tango dress, charleston dress, swing and Latin dress, polka and mazurka dress and the list goes on. Therefore, it is essential to consider measurements and stick with them while purchasing dance clothes.  

The variety of dance costumes are:

  • Historical dance costumes: The historical dance costumes involve dresses that have laces, corsets, puffed sleeves, skirts and added decorations to the outfit. These elements together make a historical costume. 
  • Folk-dance costumes: The folk-dance dress is heavily decorated with beads, silk and other small things. The dress of folk dance is usually short and has a petticoat to it. Under this, many different layers of fabrics are worn. After this, the costume is changed to double skirts with swirls and wide white lace.
  • Belly-dance costumes: This costume has different fabrics with different kinds of stones, beads and other precious stones. Two essential elements that make up a belly-dance costume are coin belts and hip scarves. Sometimes, they cover their face with a veil.
  • Ballroom-dance costumes: Ballroom-dance costumes are usually in black. These are specially designed for the evenings.  

What are the various types of fabrics used in the dance costumes?

The different kinds of fabrics are suited for various dance forms. These fabrics for dance clothes ensure the right fit for the dancers when they are dancing. Many materials are available, and one can choose according to the dance form. 

A few of them include are:

  • Tricot: The tricot fabric is the most common material used for dance costumes as it has a variety of colours, and it’s best suited for dance as it has fantastic stretching properties. The fabric is shiny, but it is also available in matte finished colours.
  • Mesh: Mesh is available in different colours and is very light and also a flowy fabric. It also has different textures to it that make it a versatile material all over. The different meshes available are micro-mesh, fog mesh, Tula mesh, big hole and pop mesh.  
  • Sequin: Sequin fabric is the most expensive one and also is very glittery. It sparkles from a very long distance also. They are also available in different colours. 
  • Lace: Lace has different colours, and it is very durable, which allows it to stretch for various dance forms without causing any tear to the fabric. The fabric is very delicate.
  • Velvet: The velvet fabric has very rich colours and gives a luxurious touch when used in dance costumes. 

What are the care and maintenance tips to be followed while using dance costumes?

One must follow such care and maintenance tips to maintain the colour and fabric of the costume. 

A few maintenance tips for dance costumes are:

  • The leggings must be washed in cold water with a small amount of detergent. If one wants to put them in the washer, they must be put in a mesh bag and then in the washer. The tights and leggings must be placed away from the heat and dried in the air for drying. 
  • The dance costumes must be washed in cold water with a little detergent to them. One must remove any bows before washing them. One must roll the costume in a towel to remove any wetness and then hang it. 

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