Virgo Weekly Horoscope 29th August– 4th September 2021


Love and Relationships

This week is likely to bring joy and harmony in your love life. Planets may favour you and give you a chance to express your emotions to your partner. Moreover, there are chances that you may spend some quality time with your beloved around the middle of this week. However, you may be emotionally vulnerable, so tread carefully. The latter half of the week may help you improve your relationship particularly if you are in a committed relationship. Furthermore, the events that may take place during this phase may have a lasting impact on your love equations. But, you may have enough planetary support hence it may be a favourable time to make a decisive step in your love life.


Your creativity may enhance but your wayward approach may cause problems in education at the beginning of this week. You are likely to face some fresh challenges and you may require hard and sustained efforts to get desired success. If you are well prepared in advance then everything else will be just a matter of time. You may have good planetary support for education during the latter half of this week but, your casual approach may not allow you to utilize your full potential. You may realize this and hence during the ending phase, you are likely to spend more time learning new things.


Planetary forces may mostly remain in your favour this week and hence you are likely to improve your health. Barring some minor health issues, you may be able to maintain normal health during this week. Some emotional ups and downs may disturb your health to an extent around the middle of this week. But, your strong immune system may help you to have good health and may also help you to recover from any health issues this week. It may also raise your awareness of health and fitness to quite an extent.


This week may bring good times for your financial matters. You may be able to handle resources efficiently and are likely to add on to your present financial strength. Additionally, you may earn a good amount of money using your creative and unique ideas. However, there may be phases when you may be drawn by some unexpected issues which may require tactful handling of the financial matters during the latter part of this week. This may be the right time to make a solid financial plan and implement it in a stepwise manner to strengthen your financial status.


You are likely to get some good opportunities for growth and gain during this week. However, some complicated issues may keep bothering you during the middle of this week which may not allow you to get the success so easily. You need to figure out the root cause of the problems. Your timely response to them may make you able to have better control over the situations during the latter half of this week. If you have your basics right, you may eventually get the success that you always deserve.

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