Tips to style your House as if you have appointed an Interior Designer

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Selecting the best design for your home interior can be tough and tricky. Right from furniture to wallpaper, showpieces and paint, there are a lot of things to consider. This is why people hire an interior designer for this task. They use their knowledge and skill to enhance the interior of their house. However, here are some of the insider tips that can help you accomplish an ultimate designer look for your house.

Make sure you accessorize your interior well

The simplest way to create an amazing look is to include home accessories or home jewelry. Buy a collection of staple pieces or unique vases and trinkets. The best thing about accessories is that you can design them differently for different rooms. Big Ben lamp is a unique room décor accessory you can choose for your living room, bedroom or hallway. It is a lovely lamp to highlight the interior of your house. it gives the area a unique and amazing look. One can easily order it online at Hashtag Furniture. The LED bulbs in the lamp will shine out and ornate any place and the clock face is definitely meant to tell the time.

Mix it fully

You can obviously mix materials and textures in different rooms to create contrast, vibrancy and depth. For instance, you can use wood against metal to get a fantastic look within your budget. Wallpaper is a great thing to add new texture and finishing to your interior. You can choose from geometric prints, monochromes to pastel hues to bring life to your interior.

Choose colors carefully

When choosing colors, be cautious of the shades you are using if you to get a high-end look. If you love magenta, you can add a dash of it here and there, but don’t just paint the whole interior with it.

Keep your choices as priority

No matter you are renovating your full house or just a corner, it is all about being careful with your choices, especially when you are doing it all alone.

Add a touch of luxury

Adding some luxury to every room is just another way to get a designer kind look. Metal and glitters add some sheen and luster and work great in small rooms as they reflect off them and create an illusion of a bigger area.

Put some drama

Always think of creating a little drama and mystery. For instance, use dark color wallpapers in small sections of the house to get a dramatic appearance and give it a glamorous feel like no other house in the area.

Look out for balance

Good taste means striking the perfect balance between extremely sterile and extremely messy. A good room is all about being clean, streamlined and filled with just the correct number of accessories.

Include a bit of you

Make sure you inject some noticeable parts of your personality such as your artwork, your family valuable or some inherited furniture.

With these small tips, you can design your house just like you have hired an interior designer.

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