Telangana wins AI Gamechanger award for crowd monitoring solution

(IANS) The Telangana government’s Information Technology, Electronics and Communications (ITE&C) department has won the AI Gamechanger Award at the Xperience-AI Summit organised by NASSCOM.

The extensive AI research works and projects adopted by the state government helped it to win the award.

For a thorough view of the landscape, entries across enterprises, startups, government bodies, academic institutes and NGOs were invited for the award.

The ‘Crowd Monitoring using AI’ scheme implemented by the state government has been awarded the AI Gamechanger Exemplar Award out of 300+ applications from multiple stakeholders.

Awiros, a startup, is the technology partner for this project. It was selected by the Telangana government for implementing AI applications in the state through an online competition from out of over 400 startups.

The startup has developed several AI-based applications for better governance and citizen safety, the first of which was an AI-based crowd estimation and management application.

The Counter Intelligence Cell of the Telangana government used the crowd management solution during the T20 match between India and West Indies at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in 2019 and during the Medaram Jathara festival in 2020.

Using this tool, authorities can not only detect but also track the variation in the crowd density in an area from time to time. It can also estimate where the crowd may be expected to surge after analysing the trend in events like the Medaram Jathara festival.

With crowd densities being automatically monitored, authorities can take corrective measures like manpower deployment, public announcement, and rerouting crowds to less crowded areas to avoid events such as stampedes.

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