Surviving the Grind: 5 Tips to Make Long Work Sessions More Comfortable

Whether you’re working from home or at an office, the long hours that often accompany the daily grind can be very taxing on your body. If you often find yourself sore after working all day, here are some tips that can help make your work environment more comfortable.

1 – Stretch regularly

You can alleviate pain in various areas of your body by stretching them every few hours. And if you frequently get pain in a specific area, you can help prevent the issue by stretching that area before you even start working. Just look up stretching techniques that work on your desired areas and are easy to do in an office space.

Remember: the key to a good stretch is to push your body to the edge of the point where it would become uncomfortable. If it starts hurting, you’ve gone too far. Push to the edge of discomfort and then hold the position for a few seconds. If possible, doing a light warm-up before you stretch is also helpful.

2 – Manage your stress

Stress isn’t just uncomfortable, stress hormones can also increase your pain sensitivity. And in extreme cases, chronic stress can lead to chronic pain syndromes. You can prevent these issues by doing your best to manage your stress levels. Taking breaks from work can be helpful in this regard. You can also help yourself remain calm through meditation, exercise, and calming substances tea, chocolate, and CBD shatter.

3 – Sleep properly

Your body uses sleep to repair itself. And that’s important, because if you’ll want to make sure you recover from your last work session before you start another one, or the issues will start compounding themselves. Do your best to get plenty of sleep every night, and to improve your sleep quality. Popular solutions for better sleep include investing in a better mattress, following a calming routine before bed, and following a regular sleep schedule.

A good mattress will also help by providing more comfort. If both your work and your bed are leaving you sore, it will be pretty hard for your body to escape feeling sore all day.

4 – Chair quality

Of course, one major source of comfort — or discomfort — is your office chair. A good ergonomic office chair will provide not only plenty of cushioning to accommodate your body but also plenty of support options and settings to make sitting for long hours easier. Make sure your chair provides plenty of support to your head, arms, and lumbar, as lack of support in those areas is a common source of soreness and pain.

5 – Chair alternatives

Even the best chair in the world can only go so far, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for opportunities to get work done in other positions. This could mean getting a chair that allows you to lean back and put your feet up from time to time, or getting a desk that can be raised to allow you to work standing up.

Your alternative work position doesn’t necessarily need to be more comfortable than working in your chair. All they need to do is allow your body to stay in a different position for a while in order to relieve the tension associated with sitting still for long periods of time.

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