Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 22nd August– 28th August 2021

Love and Relationships

A unique week for some of you to take part in cultural activities and learn something new. This will be a unique experience to improve your knowledge about others’ culture. Some of you will need to pay attention to your little siblings this week. You will have to sit with them to prepare for their upcoming exam. Ask them to take a mock test to improve their knowledge. If planning to start a new scope of learning, then you will be successful in all your endeavours. But despite all efforts, you will be slow to learn the new subjects.


This week you need to focus on your studies. You need to make some powerful decisions about where your life is going and what path is important. Also, important communication with your mentor may change the context or the content of your thinking. Be careful what you take on as a learning lesson this week. Moreover, you may feel impatient but do not take any decision in haste. Have patience and try to enhance your learning skills to perform well in your examination.


A book or some other source of information could lead you to improve your health now. Some of the information could shock you out of your complacency and push you to think of the consequences of not taking action. Armed with this new knowledge, you may execute some fitness plans that enable you to feel fantastic. Follow some exercise pattern and also make sure your diet is kept under check. This will help you to boost your immunity and maintain good health. Besides, you may stop consuming non-veg food. This is likely to improve your digestion this week.


This week may bring mixed results for you. You are likely to manage your expenditure more wisely and try to save more money. However, this week you may not get the expected financial gain. Furthermore, the week is favourable to invest in real estate or commodities of high value. But make sure you acquire them at the right price. Also, consult an expert before making any major investment, else you may regret it later. Furthermore, do not take any credit for investments, as the chances are that you may face difficulties while repaying the amount. Hence, stay cautious!


Stars may not favour you this week. If you are planning to start a new business, then this week may not be the right time to start a new business venture. Also, stay cautious and think twice before taking a loan for starting a business. You need better planning and more understanding. You are advised to take some time and try to reschedule the same to some other future date. Don’t feel demotivated, and remember that every activity has its time to start and this will enhance your gains when acted upon conveniently. Besides, your friend may approach you with a career plan. But, make sure you do not follow them unless and until you are sure about your career gains.

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