Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 29th August– 4th September 2021

Love and Relationships

This week may be lucky for your love life. You may be able to share your feelings and engage in pleasant conversation with your partner this week. This may enhance your happiness with your partner. However, do not get involved in any arguments as they may turn a little serious towards the end of the week. Besides, if you are planning to get married, make sure you have planned all the things well or you may run into chaos. Assign some of the tasks to your family members or someone important in your family. The couples who are planning to have a child may have good news on this front. This week brings a good time to be spent with your family too.


This week you may plan to give competitive exams. Your preparations can fall short initially and later pick up suddenly. Furthermore, you may plan to visit your friend’s house to clear some of your doubts. There are chances that you may get interested in music and the arts. Your learning may improve your fortunes and even make you feel proud. You may develop extra talent in your life. However, have patience in all forms of learning else you can be under pressure to deal with them.


This is a favourable week for your health. You are likely to enjoy a good state of health and this may be because of the attention you have been giving to your health lately. This week, no major health issues are foreseen. There are high chances that you may recover from your previous health issues easily. If you are planning to diet, make sure you follow all the precautions. There is no need to overdo your diet or exercises in the very initial days. Take them slowly to meet your pace and requirements. Take care of your health and consume healthy food regularly.


This week may be favourable for your finances and investments. Your earnings are likely to increase. This week, you may get many opportunities to showcase your talent at your workplace. Moreover, you may make good benefits from your previous investments. Besides, if you have applied for a loan, it may get sanctioned around the weekend. Make sure all the paperwork is up to date. This week indicates some spending on your domestic life. This week can be rewarding if you find some more ways to make money apart from your regular income. However, try to avoid risky and speculative investments.


This week, you may face some challenges in your career or business. You need to remain calm to handle the situations effectively in your favour or else mistakes can happen. Do take every feedback seriously from seniors and superiors. If you are working in the service industry, you may achieve great results in your recently assigned tasks. The time is likely to fill you with optimism and determination because of the trust your team members and colleagues may show in you. This may help you achieve your goals with relative ease. Moreover, you can pursue important decisions related to your job change or may even look for foreign assignments.

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