Planting Summer Hanging Baskets Properly

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Are you a summer berry fan? Then you would want to read this article.

How to plant your favourite summer blooms in a design that complements your house, garden, deck or patio? You will need to consider colour schemes and planting designs for hanging baskets to make sure they go with your summer living space.

Hanging baskets are an excellent way to brighten up a fence or wall and showcase a beautiful front door. They are even brightening up the centers of our cities and towns, making us feel good with a splash of bright color in a concrete jungle. Hanging baskets are just ideal for growing exotic annuals, particularly different varieties. They can even provide the medium for a florid display of fruits and vegetables such as tumbling strawberries and tomatoes. Here is a guide on how to adequately plant a hanging basket and some decorative and suitable plants.

There are several different sizes and styles of a hanging basket, from round to cone-shaped, metal to wicker. Some come lined; others will need a liner of either cardboard, moss, or natural fiber.

Once you have picked your basket and properly lined it, you can properly place an old saucer in the bottom to help grasp water. Then fill half the basket with great general purpose compost. It is also a good idea to mix some slow-release fertilizer granules into the compost to help feed the plants throughout the summer. Place plants through holes made in the sides of the liner and wrap their roots with more compost. This will give a fuller look to the basket once the plants become fixed. Plant the top of the basket with more straight, bushy shrubs and include a couple more trailing plants around the edge. It is best to fill the basket with as many plants as comfortably fit to produce a more dramatic, colorful display.

Looking after your hanging basket

If you have added a slow-release fertilizer in your natural compost, this should support the plants in the basket for up to four months. Still, an additional weekly feed with natural tomato food should ensure your basket flourishes throughout the warm summer. Regular watering is essential. Hanging baskets are often exposed to wind being high up and will quickly dry out in hot weather. During parched weather, you will probably need to water hanging baskets twice a day. Early morning and late evening are best.

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