LinkedIn aims to match your skills not past experience for jobs

(IANS) professional networking platform LinkedIn has launched a pilot programme that aims to match a jobseekers skills to available roles rather than previous job experience.

Called Skills Path and supported by the National Jobs Council, the programme has been introduced in Singapore that allows workers to strengthen their skills through LinkedIn Learning courses, take assessments to showcase their new skills to recruiters, and help companies evaluate candidates in a more equitable way — based on their proven skills.

“Through Skills Path, hiring managers at participating companies identify the core skills for a role,” Microsoft-owned LinkedIn said in a blog post on Saturday.

There are currently six broad types of roles available under Skills Path — customer service, data analyst, project manager, recruiter, supply chain coordinator, and sales development.

“Roles via Skills Path will be suggested to job seekers on LinkedIn based on their skills,” the company informed.

Last year, more than 250 million jobs were displaced around the world in the wake of the pandemic. Industries like aviation and recreation and travel had to lay off many of their employees to survive.

“Taking this skills-based approach to opportunity will not only allow displaced workers new opportunities in different industries — regardless of past experience or education — but also help employers to expand their talent pool and find the best candidates for open roles,” LinkedIn stressed.

To further support workers who plan to transition into a new career, it will also offer a series of virtual workshops from August to October, guiding participants on how to set up a LinkedIn profile and tap their professional network.

“Companies must be encouraged and incentivised to keep an open mind in their hiring processes. I would encourage all companies to hire based on skills, instead of past experience or traditional qualifications, and to invest in developing their hires further afterward,” said Feon Ang, LinkedIn’s Asia-Pacific managing director.

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