Libra Weekly Horoscope 8th August- 14th August 2021

Love and Relationships

You may make better bonding with your partner and let him/her ward off all the confusions from his/her mind. If you are into a relationship, you may encounter hurdles and misunderstandings with your partner. These hurdles may cause some disruptions to the flow of energy between you two. Some areas of your relationship may need attention. You may even need some introspection before any important conversation. If you are planning to propose to someone, it may be better to wait for some more time.


If learning interests you, then no matter where you will learn, it is your attitude that will matter. You will grow educationally, be it learning through a formal method or reading a book of your choice and even through interaction. Your humble & curious attitude may be very useful to quench your thirst for knowledge through a diverse learning process. Besides, you should learn to practise your knowledge which you have acquired all over the years. Slowly, you will admire the importance of knowledge in your life. This week is good for students who are learning astrology or occult science and its application.


You may need some extra attention on the health front and inspiration to acquire the best health. You may get headaches, so you should take things easy.Try to put down the difficulties without getting anxious. Your well-being can be moderated by your efforts. Do yoga for maximum stress reduction. If your headache persists, consult a physician. Few of you can become victims of infection or even viral fever. Make sure that you visit your doctor’s clinic and take all the required medication.


On the financial front, you should go by your instincts and not listen to the advice of others, those whom you suspect may misguide you. Do think over financial matters very carefully. Your financial decisions have been pretty wise so far, so there is no reason to start doubting yourself now. You should learn to fall back upon your judgment while dealing in money matters. It is high time you took your own decisions. If you are planning to make investments, real estate can be a good choice. You may save more than you expect.


You may be very patient and casual in all your dealings. Good job opportunities may come your way during the initial days of the week. If you are working as a government employee, you may get appreciation and rewards. You may make monetary gains in the form of salary increment or bonus owing to your professional progress. This week may bring a good time for the banking and finance industry. Focus and pay keen attention while executing your work.

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