Leo Weekly Horoscope 8th August- 14th August 2021

Love and Relationships

The new week bodes well for your love life. There will be more harmony and enhanced intimacy in your relationship. You may meet new people and a few new ties may also come up. You may also meet influential or highly learned people during this week. However, in the latter part of the week, you may be on your toes, trying hard to maintain your relationships. This can be a tricky time and you may be quite cold and rigid in your approach. You may feel somewhat distanced in your relationship around the weekend.


You may display a good grasping power and shall, thus, manage to learn the various subjects quickly. Your performance will be good around the beginning of this week. However, there may be distractions, which may disturb your concentration around the mid-week. It may bring down your performance. You may end up spending more time than you should on these distractions. You should be more disciplined and should focus on studies or else you may end up losing good opportunities. You may channelize your energy in the right direction to achieve your goals during this week.


This week can make you careless towards health issues. You should find time for fitness programs or else your immunity may go down. During the time around the mid-week, you may feel vulnerable in this regard. You may become susceptible due to certain viral infections. Hence, you may not feel comfortable with your health status. Watch your energy levels and drive carefully. Stars may help you recover fast by the end of this week. This may help you.


During this week, you may beat your financial constraints, by facilitating monetary gains, provided you remain strong and dedicated. Either you may change your strategies, which may bring gains or else you may start getting better returns from your present occupation. But this may happen in the latter part of the week. Movement of planets around the weekend is going to bring good news on the monetary front. You may end the week on a high note. Some long-pending financial issues may get sorted out and hence you may feel relieved around the weekend.


As this week begins, you may have to tread carefully. It may not be a good time to finalize any deal or take a decision related to a major financial investment. Generally, you should keep your communication alive with the people who matter. Work on networking. Planetary influences may not let you relax in managing the day to day affairs at your workplace. You may have issues with employees and other associates. It is the right time for signing new contracts or important documents. However, there may be some problems during the latter part of this week. You may need to remain attentive.

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