Leo Weekly Horoscope 29th August– 4th September 2021

Love and Relationships

This week, there may be some positive changes, but you need to pay attention to your relationship. There are chances that things may turn a bit bitter if you are careless and not pay due attention. During heated arguments, you are advised to try and keep your calm rather than reacting impulsively. The midweek phase may be important in this context. It can arouse emotions and deepen the feeling of distrust. Be in touch with people who matter or can contribute to your growth in one way or the other. Also, make efforts to communicate with others too. Lack of effective communication might send wrong signals about your commitment to your friendships and relationships. Nevertheless, the latter part of the week may be better for your personal life.


Your education is likely to go smoothly during this week. You may proceed with your studies with great interest. However, try to boost your self-confidence and stay motivated. Also, keep your emotions and behaviour under check. Maintaining friendly relations may prove to be beneficial in many ways. As the week progresses, you may be able to improve your knowledge and skills by taking part in cultural and other activities. Parents are likely to be pleased with your performance. The latter part of this week may be good to appear in competitive exams as chances of getting success may be stronger this time around.


No major health issues are foreseen this week. But, you may suffer from digestive disorders at the beginning of this week. This may be due to untimely food or irregular food habits. It is therefore advisable for you to be quite disciplined and strict with your diet and also, do some physical exercises daily. This may help you to remain healthy and active. You may expect normal health status during the latter part of this week. But do not take your fitness for granted. Try to keep yourself motivated and active to maintain your fitness levels.


There may be an increase in your wealth during this week. You may buy something valuable for your family. Overall, the inflow of money is likely to be more than satisfactory, but be extra careful when you finalize deals or sign important documents, especially during the middle of this week. This phase indicates possible glitches in financial matters. In simple words, be extremely vigilant when it comes to financial matters if you want to avoid any sort of mistake or bad debt. Once you cross this tricky middle phase, you are likely to have a stable financial status during the latter part of this week.


During this week, some old work relationships and associations shall fade away, giving way to new ones. By the end of this week, you may be comfortably positioned in a new role or assignment. There may be some lows initially, but during the ending part of the week, you are likely to be busier and more vivacious at the workplace. At the end of this week, you may feel comfortable and happy with your position on the work front and the authority and power that may come with it all. Also, businesspersons are in for some better times during the ending part of this week.

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