Leo Weekly Horoscope 22nd August– 28th August 2021

Love and Relationships

Married folks may have their own set of problems during this week. There may be conflicts over an imbalanced division of work at home or you may be charged with not spending enough time at home, or with family members. Moreover, your frustration from work and routine may be reflected in your behaviour. Also, refusal to participate in fun activities or sharing your matters may affect your family relationships. Thus, you need to find a balance. De-stress and meditate, so you are fresh and rejuvenated. Nevertheless, there may be an improvement in your relationship gradually during the latter part. Additionally, there may be some refreshing romantic moments around the weekend which may bring joy and happiness in your life.


You may have to cope with a not-so-favourable environment during this week. Stay focused despite the odds, only then you may be able to score well in the examination. Besides, those pursuing higher studies may wish to change the subjects and opt for ones they are more comfortable with. No matter what their decisions may be, they may have to work hard to make satisfactory progress. Now, you may have to prove your abilities before getting the desired results on the education front. Also, be ready to face a tough time around the middle of this week. Look at the bright side, though. The influence of planets is to cement your position and give you ample opportunities to showcase your creative abilities.


The impact of planets may help you increase your energy levels and fitness standards and that is likely to lead you towards a more stable and healthy lifestyle during this week. It may also help you avoid major health issues this week. Health-wise, you won’t face much problem so your efficiency may increase and you will be able to give better output. Moreover, you may be much more spirited and motivated to improve your health status. However, it is essential to keep yourself motivated, and practising Yoga and Pranayam may help you stay fit and fine.


Your strong financial management and your actions in the right direction will lead you to growth and gain during this week. You can expect to get more earning opportunities as the week progresses. Moreover, it may provide you with opportunities to resolve some pending matters. Also, you may achieve further development during the latter part of this week. Besides, you may receive some pending dues around the weekend and hence you may find yourself better placed as far as your financial status is concerned. Your saving potential may also increase and this period may be beneficial for making long term investments.


At the workplace, you are likely to be entrusted with an additional responsibility during this week. Some extra gains through incentives or long-held arrears are also on cards. But the latter part of this week may bring some problems. It may affect your equations with your boss as well as colleagues, or business partners/ associates. You may be very irritated, and your boss, with whom you may have a congenial equation generally, may not be able to help you out at this time. Keep your cool, and ward off all kinds of distractions, if you can. This too shall pass!

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