Leo Weekly Horoscope 1st – 7th August 2021

Love and Relationships

Remaining detached or silent, at times becoming withdrawn or drawn towards the past and keeping a stoic outlook – are all distinct possibilities with you during this week. Issues of the past may resurface and the ones that are already underway may seem to go out of control. This may manifest strongly in your relationships around the mid-week. In close and intimate relationships, you should maintain a balanced approach. Don’t let your partner feel that you don’t care. Talk and make things as clear as crystal, well in time. Thankfully, planets will keep you in an accommodative mood, for a better part of this week, which may help you avoid further problems.


You may be supported by stars during most of the days this week. Besides, the planets will also affect your career choices, especially if you select your subjects, after mid-week. You should not get tempted to make softer choices, just because they seem easy. You should get proper guidance from your mentors and teachers. A choice made during this week may come for reconsideration. Also, if you are pursuing higher education, you may get cosmic backing during the latter part of this week. Your mentors may appreciate you for your hard work around the weekend.


About health, the influence of planets shall help you maintain your health efficiently during this week. You will do well in maintaining good general health. If you are troubled by a nagging health issue, you may get a major respite, as you may come across suitable treatments to treat the problem. But, if you are suffering from lifestyle ailments, you cannot afford to lower your guard. You will have to guard against them fiercely. Work on streamlining your fitness schedules. Join a fitness or yoga class, if the gym bores you. This will refresh and de-stress you as well.


You may make some good financial gains this week. Buying a home, investment in land or vehicle may be on your agenda, this week. You may also wish to upgrade to a better automobile or buy a second home, or invest in real estate. There may be some delays during the first half of this week but the latter part shall be more opportune in this regard. You must take your time and avoid hasty decisions while finalising a deal. The period around the weekend may be more favourable for such deals.


It may not be an easy week for work issues and your overall career! Your actions may not be wrong, but your workplace and environment may not be to your liking and thus there may come up issues around you this week. For businesspersons, businesses concerned with far off lands and foreign countries will flourish. Long-term deals may come up for negotiations. The position of the planets will work in your favour around the weekend. It may be a favourable time for striking profitable deals. The weekend will bring cheer and good news.

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