Leo Weekly Horoscope 15th August – 21st August 2021


Love and Relationships

You may have some misplaced emotions during this week. You may meet someone and may fall for this person, but in turn, he/she may ditch you. Or, the person may not even be serious about your equation from the outset! You should refrain from new relationships as well as new social associations, during the week. Also, if you get into such a relationship, you should postpone taking your relationship to the next level. It may cause bitterness between the two of you but it is better if you are more cautious and calculative in your approach. For those who are married, the equation between the two of you may improve as the week comes to a close. Your intimacy may increase but it won’t reach the same level as it was earlier.


During this week, things may be a bit challenging, at least initially on the educational front. You may face delays and difficulties in your studies and preparations for exams. Your future growth prospects may keep you preoccupied. However, from midweek, things may start picking up, thankfully. Your preparations may gather momentum. But, the results of your tests or exams will heavily rely on your efforts as there may be a lot many issues distracting your focus during the latter part of the week. The good part is that you are likely to get support from your parents, friends and mentors and hence you may sail through some difficult conditions.


You may enjoy good health. You may lead a healthy life without any pressure and tension. Your enthusiasm and joy may add to your fitness. Make sure that you practice strict discipline in your diet, particularly when you are travelling. Besides, you must monitor your energy levels closely to keep things firmly under control throughout this week. The ending days of this week may be better for your health. You should consume natural food, it will help you stay healthy


The favourable planetary influences during this week may do their bit to help your financial growth. However, around the midweek, you should be careful. You should refrain from making any new investments or making any big plan which requires a big monetary outlay. Take time to review the decisions which you have taken earlier. You may have better opportunities as well as clarity about how to proceed further during the latter part of the week. You may find good planetary support to put your ideas into practice. This may empower you financially.


There may be several complicated issues which you may face during the week. You may not be able to change things and may have to contend with the ongoing scenario. Yet, it may be best to direct this negativity to something positive and relaxing. You should detach yourself from controversies and refocus your interests into something creative. You may face disturbances in your work around mid-week. You should maintain a cordial and interactive relationship with your peers. If you have good coordination with your co-workers, it may help you during problems. Amidst all this, there is a possibility of getting some good news/offers around the weekend. This may lift your spirit and keep you motivated.

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