How to Relieve Neck Pain Caused by Office Work

close up photo of a woman having a neck pain
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If you sit at a desk all day for at least 5 days a week, there’s a real chance that you experience neck pain from time to time. We were not made to sit at a desk for hours on end, which is why neck pain can be quite common. 

The good news is there are a few things that you can do to relieve your neck pain. You can even help to prevent it from occurring again. Here’s how: 

Take a Break From Your Desk 

Getting up from your desk and moving around a little more can help to increase your circulation. In addition to this, moving around can help you to relieve the strain on your neck, back, and shoulders. Try to get up at least once an hour if you can. Even if it is just to stretch. This can make a real difference to your neck pain. 

Gently Stretch and Massage Your Neck 

Stretching and massaging your neck is a great way to relieve neck pain. If you’re not sure how to stretch or massage your neck or you want some advice, ask for help from a physical therapist near you. They can show you some exercises to do and even help you to practice good posture while you work. 

Take Painkillers

Over-the-counter painkillers can help to relieve any pain and discomfort that you’re experiencing.  Please make sure that you always read the dosage instructions on the packaging before you take any medication. While medication can help you to feel better, it won’t prevent you from getting a stiff neck. You will need to think about your posture and other factors that could be affecting you. 

Practice Good Posture 

Whenever you sit at your desk, be sure to place your feet on the floor. Make sure they are flat so your body can support itself properly. Ensure that your back is flat against the back of the chair so it can support you. Your neck should not be bent, it should be in a more neutral position and your ears should be above your shoulders. 

Adjust the Height of Your Monitor 

The height of your monitor or monitors might need to be adjusted. Make adjustments so that your monitor is right in front of you. Your nose should be level with the center of the screen. This may well mean that you need to lift your monitor up, but it is worth it. If you tend to work using a laptop, consider using another monitor if you can. Some monitors can be plugged into a laptop, allowing you to use dual screens while also taking care of your posture. 

Neck pain can make moving around quite hard. The discomfort can potentially make it hard to do very much at all. Use the above tips to help you to relieve neck pain that’s caused by office work. The sooner you make these changes, the sooner you’ll get some relief from neck pain. 

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