Google Stadia adds direct touch controls on its 1st Android game


(IANS) Google’s Cloud gaming service Stadia is launching its first strategy game that responds to touch instead of a controller.

The game, titled HUMANKIND, will introduce a new ‘direct touch’ control method to Stadia for mobile, reports 9to5 Google.

With the release of HUMANKIND in the genre of 4X turn-based strategy games, Stadia is debuting an entirely new way of controlling games.

Instead of relying on a controller, players on Android can take advantage of “direct touch,” which sends your on-screen taps through to your game, the report mentioned on Friday.

Humankind is scheduled to be released on PC, Mac and Stadia on August 17.

Regardless of how you choose to play, HUMANKIND has more to offer on Stadia than other platforms, as it will use State Share to let players “Leave Their Mark” for others.

The game will also feature Stadia’s State Share feature, which allows a friend to pick up where you left off in a game just by sharing a screenshot or video clip with them.

Google said that the game’s use of direct touch is custom and that the feature should make it easier to port games to Stadia.

Google Stadia’s Android app is also rolling out an experimental “Filter Search” to let users more easily find items in the store.

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