Google rolls out ability to automatically save progress in Forms

(IANS) Google Forms is beginning to roll out an ability that will see entered text selections and other progress be automatically saved as a draft.

According to 9To5Google, this new feature will allow users to easily return to a task or assignment.

The ability for Google Forms to automatically save progress is rolling out from Wednesday and it will be fully available in the coming weeks on both Workspace and personal accounts, the report said.

Google will automatically save progress in a Form, Quiz, or Quiz assignment in Classroom as a draft for 30 days from your last edit or until submission. The top of the form will feature a “Saving” indicator with cloud icon to signal status, it added.

End users have to be signed into their Google Account for this to occur. Users can just reopen the form to see their past progress.

This is useful, especially for students, when users can’t complete a form or quiz in one sitting; users have to switch between multiple devices; and users have low internet connectivity.

The report said that it saves a user from having to start over, though owners/editors can disable on a form-by-form basis.

To disable this feature, within Google Forms, users can go to Settings, then Presentation, Restrictions and select “Disable autosave for all respondents”.

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