Gemini Weekly Horoscope 8th August- 14th August 2021


Love and Relationships

You may have a comfortable time with your relatives this week. You may enrich your relationship and unity with your near & dear ones. In love and romance, the entire week may be positive. There may hardly be any unfavourable incident for those who have just started to date each other. You may tame your expectations from around the beginning of the week. It is wise not to use harsh words while conversing with others. Keep your personality clash at bay and you will be more content with your progress in life.


For natives of this sign, this week will be very helpful to sharpen your skills and intelligence in a better way. You may make good decisions and perform your tasks efficiently. If you are into yearly or half-yearly courses, you may get the desired success during this week. Your wisdom may also get enhanced. Besides, the initial days of this week may be favourable but the rest of the days may not be very productive for preparation and hard work. You may have to double your efforts. Only then you may get the expected results.


As for health and fitness, it may be a comfortable time for those born under this zodiac. During this week, you may feel more fit and energetic but do not become lenient or lazy towards workouts. There may be ups and downs on the health front during the week. It may be as per the planetary indications. Overall, it may be a favourable time for your health, but you may have to follow a balanced diet regime. You may need valuable tips from a big health expert.


During this week, Gemini natives may take their financial position to a higher level. You may derive more profits from additional income sources. Besides, you may be able to recover the money which you had given to someone as a loan in the past. You may also enhance your food habits and lifestyle owing to the upgradation in your financial level. You may get better results during the first few days of the week. There may be some glitches during the last few days of the week.


During the week, you may get good opportunities to make an impact on your career. You may get an extensive professional lead if you are in the areas of law, supervision, and technology. You may begin to gain momentum from the beginning of the week itself. Your desire to move ahead on the business front may become successful. It’s a good week to take up new assignments in your career. If you are looking for a change in your job, then the week will be quite supportive. But, you should do background checking before making a decision.

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