Gemini Weekly Horoscope 22nd August– 28th August 2021

Love and Relationships

This week, you may note harmony, comfort and peace in your family relationships. Moreover, the week may bring in ample opportunities to develop your relationship. Due to your strong bond with your loved ones, you may take off all miscommunication and smoothen the atmosphere. However, there are chances of some minor disturbances and irritability during the middle phase of the week. It will be beneficial if you handle situations with maturity and understanding. Also, take some and talk politely with your partner to resolve the issues. They may be happy with your conduct and behaviour. Moreover, this may improve bonding between the two of you.


The impact of transit of favourable planets, at the beginning of the week, may remain noticeable and gainful. Students of technical and intellectual fields of education may be appreciated by their mentor for their working abilities. Also, learning and retention may be at ease and this may boost your confidence. However, minor hiccups cannot be ruled out. Hence, it is advisable to maintain calm and remain focused. Additionally, do not take any shortcuts in learning as this may not help you in any manner. You will have to take the right steps in life to make sure you progress academically. For this, get the guidance of your elders and teachers.


This week may give you mixed results in matters of health. The week is likely to bring in vibrant energy, passion and vitality. Also, a prolonged illness may be cured. However, there may be some minor health issues too. But, there may be many positive changes in your health this week. However, it would be worthwhile to develop healthy and hygienic eating habits. This may improve your immunity system and also give you some strength to beat the problems at hand.


This week, there may be an enhancement in your financial prospects. You may get the desired financial gains and many rewarding opportunities. Moreover, a better lifestyle, indulging in electronic gadgets and spending in luxury are foreseen. You are likely to spend more on food and luxury. Furthermore, you may take some time to research and invest in real estate this week. This will enable you to improve your fortunes to make good money. At the same time, make sure you do not spend too much using a credit card. This may ensure some discipline in your money spendings this week.


This week may open up new areas for investigation and expansion in matters of career. Besides, those inclined to begin new ventures may find options for progress. Also, if you are keen to take up a new job option, this week may give you the desirable results. The impact of Jupiter transit will be much in your favour. However, towards the end of this week, some struggle and efforts will have to be channelised in the right direction for optimum gain. Those who have been looking for a promotion, this week is ideal to talk to your seniors.

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