Five Ways Herbalife Shakes Support Normal Weight, Health, and Vitality

For over 40 years, Herbalife has been on a mission to improve the nutritional habits of the world, one person at a time. With nearly five million independent distributors serving health-conscious people in over 90 countries worldwide, Herbalife helps individuals create personalized programs of balanced nutrition to support active, healthy lifestyles.

The brand also provides a full line of flavor-filled nutrition products that millions of health seekers can customize to meet their individual needs. The powerful health benefits of every Herbalife product are fully backed up by science, and Herbalife has a product for every personal nutrition program — bars, sports hydration, teas, aloes, vitamins, protein chips, meal replacements, and especially the beloved Herbalife shakes.

Here are five ways anyone can enjoy the health benefits of Herbalife shakes.

Herbalife Health Benefit #1: Herbalife shakes never get boring.

The most important secret to success with any meal replacement product is using it to replace unhealthy meals. Shakes are filling. As we’ll explore even more in the second health benefit, shakes can provide all the calories, carbs, protein, fiber, and healthy fat you need in a healthy meal replacement. But unlike other brands, Herbalife shakes keep you coming back for more by providing you with a variety of flavors.

There are 13 flavors of Herbalife shakes:

  • Café Latte
  • Cookies ‘n Cream
  • Dulce de Leche
  • Dutch Chocolate
  • French Vanilla
  • Mint Chocolate
  • Orange Cream
  • Piña Colada
  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Vanilla – Alternative Proteins
  • Vanilla Non-GM ingredients
  • Wild Berry
  • Kosher (Vanilla)

These 13 flavors provide the variety you need to stick to the personalized nutrition program you work out with your Herbalife independent distributor, who serves as your health and nutrition coach. You can use low-fat milk or whole milk, and if you prefer a vegan shake, you can use soy milk.

You can add frozen fruit before you make your shake in the blender, or you can add chia seeds and let your shake sit for a few minutes to give it a pudding-like consistency. You can even add frozen apple slices, frozen pear slices, strawberries, blueberries, pitted cherries, blackberries, pineapple chunks, banana, or avocado. Try a dash of cinnamon or vanilla extract. Or become a Herbalife shake pioneer with even more healthy additions to Herbalife shakes no one has thought of before.

There is always a different way to make a Herbalife shake. You will never get bored with healthy nutrition when you use Herbalife.

Herbalife Health Benefit #2: Herbalife shakes provide complete nutrition without excess calories.

One of the ways Herbalife is helping the world achieve healthy eating habits is by addressing a modern nutritional conundrum: Billions of people are overfed but undernourished, eating too much food with too little nutritional value.

Modern food is loaded with chemicals that mimic natural flavors. It contains high-fructose corn syrup to make it sweeter and ensure it does not dry out as it goes stale. It is filled with fake colors and aromas that make it appetizing, but not in ways that add nutrition. So, it should not come as a big surprise that most of us are not as physically active as we need to be.

Herbalife pushes back on this trend by providing foods that make every calorie count. Herbalife shakes give you the nutrients you need without the calories you need to avoid. As we’ll explore more in Health Benefit #3, Herbalife shakes are extremely helpful in weight management.

Herbalife’s Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mix is the world’s number-one brand in meal replacement shakes for a good reason: Every easy-to-make, balanced, healthy Herbalife Formula 1 shake contains 1 gram of fat, 3 grams of fiber, 9 grams of carbs for energy,17 grams of protein, and 21 vitamins and minerals when prepared with 8 ounces of milk. You get all of this with just 190 calories.

Compare this to a fast-food breakfast sandwich, hashed browns, and an iced coffee drink that contains, to be fair, 3 grams of fiber, but also 39 grams of fat. That’s nearly 400 calories just in fat from a breakfast that provides about the same amount of protein and only a tiny fraction of the vitamins and minerals. A fast-food breakfast packs a little under 800 calories, with less nutrition than a Herbalife shake can provide with just 190 calories, including the calories from the milk.

That’s why it’s no wonder that people make Herbalife shakes over 1.5 billion times a year.

Herbalife Health Benefit #3: Herbalife shakes are useful for weight loss.

The conventional wisdom about weight loss is that you must either eat fewer calories or burn more calories with exercise to burn fat and lose weight. This often-cited idea is a little simplistic, but the fact is, if you want to lose weight, at some point, you will need to eliminate empty calories and excess fat in your food. And if your diet isn’t providing the nutrition you need for an active, healthy lifestyle, you will need to focus on calorie reduction first.

The secret to calorie reduction for weight loss is feeling satisfied with less. Herbalife shakes help you feel satisfied. But the science behind weight loss with Herbalife goes a little deeper.

Physicians who are experts in supporting weight loss describe three health benefits from Herbalife shakes for weight loss:

  • Protein
  • Glycemic index
  • Nutrient density

Herbalife Shakes Protein 

Eating protein controls hunger longer than eating carbohydrates or fats. Getting enough protein at every meal is the key to controlling hunger to rein in calorie consumption to lose weight.

Our bodies don’t need a lot of protein, but they need complete protein, that is, protein foods that offer all the amino acids our bodies cannot make on their own. Our bodies make proteins from chains of amino acids in a specific order. Each amino acid has to be present in the amounts that are needed in the order that is needed. 

When our bodies have to make new proteins but don’t have all the different amino acids they need, they break down muscle to recycle it into new protein. This is one of the reasons so many people lose muscle instead of fat when they cut calories to diet.

When you use Herbalife shakes to support healthy weight loss, your body gets all the protein it needs and all the different kinds of amino acids it needs. You don’t get the protein hunger that drives dieters to eat high-protein foods that are drenched in flour and fat.

Herbalife Shakes Glycemic Index

“Glycemic” refers to sugar. The glycemic index refers to how fast your body can convert a carbohydrate food into glucose sugar that enters the bloodstream. The glycemic index rates the speed at which the body absorbs glucose from either white sugar or white bread as 100, and compares the speed of digestion of other foods to that.

A lower glycemic index is better than a higher glycemic index because this means that food is converted into blood sugar slower. With food that is low on the glycemic index, there won’t be a sugar rush followed by a sugar crash, fueling the munchies. When you get your carbs from low glycemic index foods, you don’t have as much hunger between meals.

The ingredients in Herbalife shakes are naturally low on the glycemic index. And the fact that you drink them cold or with ice makes them even lower on the glycemic index because the small number of carbohydrates they contain will take longer to absorb. You don’t get a sugar rush, so you don’t experience a sugar crash, and you have more natural willpower to stick to your diet plan.

Mixing foods, by the way, also lowers the glycemic index. The fruits, berries, and veggies you blend with your Herbalife shake make its carbohydrate content even healthier.

Herbalife Shakes Nutrient Density

Herbalife shakes provide high nutrient density. That means they deliver a lot of nutrients with relatively few calories. Low nutrient density foods may contain essential nutrients, but they dilute them with highly caloric sugar, carbohydrate, and fat.

You can get your daily supply of B vitamins from a doughnut or complete protein from chicken fried chicken with gravy. The problem with relying on these foods is that you have to consume a lot of calories to get the same amount of nutrition you get from a low-calorie, nutrient-dense Herbalife shake.

As meal replacements, Herbalife shakes promote a high-quality diet with high nutrient density and low glycemic index. They provide all the essential amino acids active people need to build muscle. And when dieters manage to build lean body mass instead of losing it as they diet, they enter a positive spiral of ever-increasing ability to lose weight through exercise.

Herbalife conducted a clinical trial to confirm the benefits of high-protein partial meal replacements (that is, Herbalife doesn’t expect anyone to consume just Herbalife) on nutrient intake in people who have issues with excessive weight. The high-protein partial meal replacement diet with Herbalife shakes led to lower fat and cholesterol intake with higher protein and fiber intake. The participants in the clinical trial who used Herbalife shakes also got more calcium, vitamin D, and potassium, all of which support weight loss.

Herbalife Health Benefit #4: Herbalife shakes become a healthy habit.

The great thing about Herbalife shakes is that they become habit-forming. There is no weighing, measuring, or calorie counting to make them work for weight loss. They become a healthy habit that supports an active lifestyle that allows you to reach and maintain your weight loss goals.

Herbalife shakes become a healthy habit. Why?

Herbalife shakes are convenient. They are easy to prepare and easy to consume. They can be prepared in just a few minutes and drunk on the run. There’s no need for a long shopping list, just Herbalife shake powder, your favorite kind of milk, and the tasty ingredients of your choice to add to the shake.

Herbalife shakes help you stick to your diet plan. Compliance with your diet plan is easier when you don’t have to work out complicated menus days in advance. Adding to the convenience, there is always something healthy you can have right now when you are tempted to overeat.

Herbalife shakes easily become part of your daily routine. Herbalife shakes are so tasty and expeditious that you come to prefer them to ordering or cooking complicated high-calorie meals.

Herbalife shakes make calorie measurements easy. It’s only natural to underestimate the number of calories you consume every day and to overestimate the calories you didn’t eat on any given day. With Herbalife shakes, you will know how many calories you are taking in.

Herbalife shakes make you feel better. When you feel better, you repeat healthy habits, finding a place for Herbalife in your daily routine.

Herbalife Health Benefit #5: Herbalife has just one side effect.

There is no long list of side effects for Herbalife like there is for so many other diet products. We are aware of just one downside to Herbalife shakes: There are so many delicious flavors that you will always want to try just one more.

Herbalife shakes aren’t intended to be 100% of your diet. It is best used as a meal replacement once a day. If you are pregnant or you are a competitive athlete, consult with your physician or trainer before replacing meals with Herbalife shakes. The shakes won’t hurt you, but you may need more than one if you are going through a time of your life when you have high calorie or protein requirements. And if you are a vegan, be sure to make your shakes with soy milk for complete protein.

Herbalife shakes are something you can consume every day. They can help you lose weight, maintain a healthy weight, or support your health even if you have never had weight problems.

Herbalife is based on science but driven by care. Herbalife provides the best ingredients in the best combinations to support an active, healthy lifestyle.

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