Finally, Bjp has washed political conceit of Congress party by erasing Rajiv Gandhi’s name from Khel ratna award


Ever since, Indian men’s and women’s hockey team stunned us with their outstanding performances in Tokyo Olympic, the entire country is celebrating. After 41years, Indian men’s hockey team won a bronze medal in Olympic, reviving hockey in India which was certainly on the verge of Extinction. For which the govt is worth appreciating for starting Khelo India program which has successfully strengthened the sports. India is profusely investing its support in sports which is why athletes are emerging to new heights and bringing medals. For enlivening hockey, the credit must be solely given to the chief minister of Odisha who passionately sponsored both hockey teams, encouraged the players and proffered all the facilities to the players in order to help them excel. And Their performances in Tokyo have proven their potential. Their smiles on the podium while getting bronze medals pervaded the entire country. New hopes were born after a long period in the history of hockey in India. 

After four long decades, on this auspicious 5 August 2021, we Indians cavorted cheerfully for hockey team creating a history on the land of Tokyo. For the first time, we all were fixated on television supporting and cheering our players for winning. This is what our teams lacked before. This support for the players has encouraged them a lot and the result has shown the impact.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has planned to extend the celebration of historic bronze medal, by renaming Khel Ratna Award ( the highest sporting honor ) as The Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna award in the morning that has fulfilled the most coveted desire of all nationalists who wanted to change the name of Khel ratna award.

Born in Prayagraj, on August 29, 1905, Major Dhyan Chand was an Indian hockey player who earned a sobriquet of the magician of hockey. He is considered the greatest in the history of the sport for winning three Olympic Gold medals in 1928, 1932, and 1936 respectively. He dominated the world of hockey in that era. His birthday is joyously celebrated as National sports day in India.

India clinched independence in 1947, however, the govt of India conferred The Padma Bhusan award on him in 1956, which is the highest civilian award. This legendary magician of hockey who took our flag to the sky of glory, couldn’t grab appropriate spot in the sports due to political appetite of Indian leaders who wanted their names to shine on the highest awards given by the govt of India. Therefore, In congress regime, they named all the institutes, universities, highways, roads, awards, schools, govt schemes after the leaders of Gandhi family. This unnatural conceit was cunningly injected into Indian politics by India’s first Prime Minister Jawahar lal Nehru who shamelessly conferred Bharat ratna on himself and his legacy was carried forward by his daughter Indira Gandhi and then her son Rajiv Gandhi. He named Khel Ratna award after himself and this is undoubtedly a testament of his insurmountable political conceit. 

Now, Bjp govt has eradicated this mentality of Congress party which craves to implant its name in everything. Removing Rajiv Gandhi’s name from Khel Ratna must have offended congress leaders and their friendly journalists who are always enthusiastic about eulogizing the Gandhi –Nehru family. However, this decision has surely earned the respect of people who wanted Major Dhyan Chand to be revered by the govt of India for a long time. 

His name on this award will inspire the hockey players and all the athletes who will be honored in coming years, because Dhyan Chand is truly a spirit which reflects tenacity, athletic brilliance, and unfathomable passion. This award will be inspiring new generations for chasing their dreams. The new chapter of sports in India has started which is going to distend our interest in sports and will surely bring out the best players in future. Now this sporting honor will be fervidly coveted by athletes, and it will certainly strengthen their passion for international contests. The nation is currently focusing on every field to revive the enthusiasm of Indians in the games, investing a necessary amount in the sports, and supporting the athletes vigorously. At this juncture, This commendable decision has definitely glorified the hockey legend who rocked the world with his hockey stick, and stifled the political hunger of engraving leader’s name in the history of sports for political benefits.

In India, from universities to roads, politicians ardently yearn to embed their names in everything, ignoring the great personalities who have contributed copiously in the culture, sports, defense, and social services. They are chucked out like bees by political parties. However, now things seem to be changing. All the great people of India who died serving this country, who worked wholeheartedly for the betterment of this nation, are being given their dues by the govt and people are gleefully cherishing this. 

Indian govt is meticulously recognizing the contributors and showering reverence on them which is brilliantly cleansing the dirt of Congress. Now, the message has already been spread that henceforth, Indians will only respect those who have actually done something for this country, not those who have murdered its democracy and have been exaggerated unrealistically by their friendly authors and journalists. The phony delineation of Gandhi family’s acts won’t be able to bewilder and beguile people into believing that Congress party has developed or done anything for this country. Corruption and pillage of credit for everything is their only thing to be remembered. 

This decision will astonishingly elevate the passion of sportsman and certainly rattle Congress party because Bjp has undoubtedly hit the nerve of Congress leaders which aches severely which is evident from the tweets of their domesticated journalists and writers. This agony which Pm has caused congress party, will be instigate political parties to behave more maliciously against Bjp. Besides, there will be lots of entertainment profusely served for public

All the blunders of Congress party are verily going to be rectified one by one and all the political dirt will be washed off by Bjp’s astounding strokes like this. It is apparently a gala day for every Indian who doesn’t consider India as the fiefdom of Gandhi family. This is the day when the man who played for his country and climbed new heights, has been given the significant reward. New generations will be inspired by his extraordinary Moreover, history of sports will be written more gloriously by our athletes drenched in the spirit of Major Dhyan Chand and tricolor will be raised higher than today. And Glory will fondly embrace our flag. 

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