Essential questions to ask before hiring a motorcycle accident attorney

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As per reports from the Federal Highway Administration, near about 8 million motorcycles are out on the roads and each of them is registered. Motorcycle accidents account for 18% of traffic casualties. If you’re one among them who has been involved in a motorcycle accident, particularly one that involves another motor vehicle, you’ll require an attorney who is highly experienced in dealing with such types of accidents. 

When you or your loved ones have been severely injured in a serious motorcycle crash, you’d need the help of a tenacious motorcycle accident law firm. However, there are few questions that you should ask your potential lawyers before hiring them. We have compiled a list of these questions for you. 

Question #1: What percentage of the cases you handle are motorcycle accidents?

No, it is certainly not true that an attorney firm needs to only focus on motorcycle crashes in order to become a great law firm or a lawyer. However, it is also true that he should have a sturdy experience in battling for people who have been seriously hurt in motorcycle accidents. Not only that, but he should also have fruitful results to prove his excellence in this field. 

Question #2: Can you show us examples of similar cases and their outcomes?

Before hiring a motorcycle accident attorney, it is a wise decision to query about a resume of sorts. Ask him whether he handled any motorcycle accident cases which are in any way similar to yours and the results of those cases. You should watch out for the most successful settlements and verdicts of the law firm. This can help you with the negotiation skills of your motorcycle accident lawyer. 

Question #3: What is the worth of my case?

If you’re questioning the right attorney, he should help you comprehend the true worth of your case. The attorneys do this by computing the value of the medical bills, missed work, hampered property, suffering, and pain due to the motorcycle accident, and several other factors. In case they don’t tell you about the accurate amount on the first consultation, don’t worry as this often takes time to calculate. Nevertheless, regardless of the time they take, they should give you a clear idea of the worth of your case. 

Question #4: Who will handle my case?

You might just feel impressed with the first attorney you speak with for one or more reasons, but they might not even be dealing with such actual cases. Wouldn’t you like to know the background of the person who will work with you? Remember that a lawyer with medical and legal background is usually perfect for handling motorcycle accident cases as the injuries involved are severe and medical expenses are sky-high. 

Question #5: What is the fee structure of the law firm?

Would you ever dare to purchase a blender or a car without knowing the cost of the product? The same is the case while working with an attorney. Much before you think of hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer for handling your case, know his fee structure. Would you like to reach the completion of the case and then be surprised with the exorbitant bill that you had least expected? Usually, accident injury attorneys offer a contingency fee structure where you don’t have to pay them unless they win the case for you. 

In a nutshell, get in touch with a motorcycle accident law firm that has a track record of successful settlements and suits, a good reputation, and an aggressive approach towards handling cases. 

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