Car accidents are the leading cause of death worldwide – Do you have an attorney?

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Soon after a car accident, there are a host of questions that come with it. Who will pay for the damage that happened to my car? Who is at fault for the accident? What amount should I get for the suffering and loss? Who is going to pay for my medical bills? Is this the right time to ask my insurance firm to recoup the lost wages? To get the right answers to all these questions, you need an experienced and trustworthy auto accident law firm.

So, if you’ve just met with a car accident, you should first contact a lawyer instead of an insurance adjuster. You can at least make sure you’ll be safe from insurance adjusters and private investigators who are waiting to spoil your case. 

3 Immediate steps to take after meeting with a car accident

If you’re injured in a car accident, there are few immediate steps that you can take to obtain the compensation amount. Here are the 3 steps to take:

  1. Call 911: Call the police and speak about everything about the accident so that the medical teams and police officials become aware of the accident spot. While establishing liability and fault, both your medical report and police report will play a vital role.
  2. Assemble proof: Now that we all have smartphones, it is hassle-free to gather proof. Take pictures of license plates of the cars involved, damage done to the vehicles, intersections, traffic patterns and other details that could be helpful to a lawyer. 
  3. Get in touch with a lawyer: You can’t forget that insurance companies will always try to downsize their liabilities by providing low-key settlement offers to the clients. Hence, you should call an experienced car accident attorney who can start rebuilding the case. 

What you shouldn’t do after meeting with a car accident

Just as it is important to know what to do after an accident, it is equally important to know what you shouldn’t do after an auto accident. Here are a few mistakes you should avoid making. 

  1. Not narrating your accident: At times, you might get tempted to exchange details with the other driver involved and choose your own way. This happens even more when you think you’ve not been injured. But there are certain accident injuries which take weeks to show up. So, it is always necessary to narrate your accident and get a police report. 
  2. Acknowledge settlement: You’ll find the insurance company asking you for a ‘take it or leave it’ approach to give you the settlement amount. Don’t make the mistake of signing on any document without speaking with your attorney. 
  3. Accepting blame: As per human nature, we often apologize even though we haven’t done anything wrong. But in case of a car accident, even though you’re sure you can be partly blamed, don’t admit blame. 

When is the right time to speak to a lawyer?

Edit Text-  Anyone who is involved in a car accident won’t require seeking professional help. But if the accident is complex or severe, then joining hands with a DWI lawyer is imperative. If any of the following points can be applicable in your case, get in touch with a lawyer instantly:

  • You face an accident due to which you (or someone else) are severely injured
  • Any accident that includes another pedestrian or motorist or trucks or cars
  • In case of an accident where the fault is not decided
  • A crash in a school zone
  • Any collision in a work or construction zone
  • Any accident involving an uninsured or underinsured driver

Remember that the sooner you get in touch with an attorney, the better it is for you and your case. Valuable proof can be destroyed within a few weeks. Hence, be fast in calling an attorney. 

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