Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 29th August– 4th September 2021

Love and Relationships

This may be a favourable week for your love life. Those in committed relationships are likely to maintain harmony in their relationship. Video calls and messages may keep them connected throughout the day. However, your social life may not be very active during this period as you may feel like spending time with your partner. But for married couples, this may be a challenging week. There are chances of some minor issues popping up between the couples, but you need to keep your cool. It is very important to take care of each other’s feelings.


This week, a lot of hard work will be required by the students to make marked progress in academics. Some of you may feel like changing their subjects. The students should consult a mentor or preceptors before making any final move. Besides, students who are done with their college or in the last year may start doing an internship to gain more knowledge about their selected fields. Primary students may need to maintain their focus and avoid being distracted now and then. Try your best and concentrate on your studies.


You will need to keep control over your aggression otherwise it may cause fluctuation in your blood pressure. Start doing some light exercises in the morning and maintain a good diet, this may help you remain fit and healthy. However, this may not be a great time for those who are over induced to consume non-vegetarian food. Your fitness level may be low due to sluggishness. Make sure you control your diet and not to overindulge. Students or athletes may suffer from any injury. Hence, stay cautious!


Financially, this week may be a bit difficult. Delay in most of the financial matters is indicated, thus creating problems on financial grounds. This is probably not a great time to expect substantial profits coming your way. Also, it may not be a favourable time to make speculative or property investments because there are high chances of monetary losses. Besides, those who were planning to buy a new house may have to drop their plans for the time being. Nevertheless, towards the end of this week, you can expect some progress in your financial condition during this phase.


This week, your career prospects are not very encouraging. You may require a lot of hard work to achieve success in career undertakings. Also, if you have recently launched a new brand or product, then you may have to face stiff competition. There may not be steady growth in your career. So, handle your assignments with care and increase your hard work. Salaried employees may find new opportunities at their workplace and they may perform well in their respective fields of work. Your boss and seniors may notice the good work that you have been doing.

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