Cancer Weekly Horoscope 8th August- 14th August 2021

Love and Relationships

This week may bring some noticeable events in your love life. However, you must ensure that you take a more committed approach while dealing with matters of your love life. You should stay away from negativity particularly around the mid-week. Gradually, your sunny disposition may draw your loved one towards you around the latter half of the week. You may take a keen interest in your relationship, which may help you take your relationship to the next level of harmony and happiness.


The week may be a period when you may go back over what you have been doing so far. It is the time for revising your skills and reworking your knowledge. You may think and analyse where you should make changes, either with work itself or in your method of working. Adapting to new situations and methods can place you on a better edge. Also, new associations may change your outlook and direction. You may grasp new concepts that may bring about self-transformation.


As you will be working hard during this phase, there may be some harm to your health. You should take care of your eating habits. This phase may cause weight gain or hormonal imbalance. You should rest and relax properly to revitalize your body for daily hustle. The latter part of this week can be a promising phase to improve your health with some added care and exercise. You may have good resistance and your immune system may remain strong. But, you are advised to avoid taking too much burden and drive carefully this time around.


You may make good financial growth during the week. You may get more earning opportunities. You may also resolve some pending issues regarding your property or inheritance. Your profits and rewards may be high. You may reach new heights in your financial status. It may bring more happiness and immense satisfaction in your life. Also, you may make good decisions. Your efforts in the right direction can help you grow your finances. But, there may be some unexpected expenses around the weekend which may disturb your financial planning to some extent.


The favourable impact of planets will keep you motivated during this week However, there may come up with some tough situations particularly during the latter part of this week. So, you should maintain a strict discipline and focused approach. The energy of transiting planets can be difficult to manage. It may bring some challenges in your career. Planets may also create major fluctuations in fortune for the businesspersons. It may be a time to act with some caution and patience.

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