Cancer Weekly Horoscope 15th August – 21st August 2021


Love and Relationships

You may become more realistic during this week. You may give up some superficial attachments. The beginning of the week may be the right time to redefine the entire scenario covering your relationships. As the week moves on, you may have a happy encounter with your loved one. It will be important to you as you may get a chance to reveal your true feelings. Keep an optimistic view and luck will keep favouring you during the later part of this week.


Your natural ability to smartly communicate your ideas to others may help you achieve success in your educational goals during this week. However, you should not be critical and overly concerned about the methods and details. You can plan the future of your educational journey, you can discuss some fresh ideas and practices that will carry you forward. It may be a time for you to begin your efforts to make your dreams real.


You may feel uneasy which can cause you headaches and mood swings during the week. Too much work-related stress or out-station trips may make you feel tired. If you have had any health issues in the past, such problems may resurface. However, nothing very serious is foreseen. Also, you may end up scattering your energies behind a lot of activities. You should take extra care and give due attention to health and fitness. Make sure that you practice strict discipline in your diet and keep your nerves calm to remain fit and fine.


You may be high on confidence which will enable you to handle tricky situations well. You should be more cautious and calculative in your approach especially around when the week begins, this may help you avoid unnecessary financial complications. The first few days of this week may not be auspicious to make any significant financial deal. The latter part of the week may bring clarity and you may make good progress on the financial front. This may also help you get some pending dues back which may add on to your financial strength.


You may be clearer about your career goals during this week. You may get better opportunities for growth and gain in your profession. But, hectic work schedules may raise your stress level. You should have enough patience. You should not get disappointed by delays. You should maintain a smooth flow in your work. Using your skills and abilities, you may move ahead in your business. The latter half of the week may bring better growth and positivity in your career. You should consolidate your position rather than making an ambitious attempt for quick growth.

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