Aries Weekly Horoscope 8th August- 14th August 2021


Love and Relationships

You may have some communication with your ex-partner. Besides, there may be a relationship proposal from an old friend. Married couples should avoid mood swings as stars predict that you may get into problems while conversing with your partner. There are chances of disagreement, there may be a communication gap. You should not get influenced by your friends and family members. You should avoid negative thoughts because it can cause a breakup in your marriage relationship. Getting into arguments can put you into difficulties. You may face more challenges in the last few days of this week. You should bond well with your partner and give him/her some space. Thus, you will have a good week and a harmonious relationship.


Students should study well. They should be determined with their work with honesty. This week may not be easy for you. The expected results may not come easily. You can be stressed because of your examination so you should work with proper strategies and plan. Don’t let negative thoughts distract your attention. You may feel stressed because of changes in your educational plan. If you participate in a meditation class, you may develop good concentration. You may develop an inclination for research work or occult science.


You should focus on your health. Weak immunity may give you a sudden fever or cold. You should avoid cold beverages, it can cause your cough and cold. You should also take good care of your diet. Avoid eating rich and oily foods. You should avoid junk food. You may have sudden indigestion problems. You should have a healthy diet and avoid junk food, it can cause you stomach pain. You may meet with an accident if you are careless while driving or using electronic items. Be cautious with your activities and work. There may be arguments and stress, which can affect your health.


You may incur more expenditures than what you save. You should have a financial plan for this week prepared well in advance. You may incur sudden expenditures on family members. You may also have to spend on undertaking some health & exercise courses. You may make financial gains from multiple investments. You should clear all your pending tasks related to your financial work. Don’t make any major investment in land and property. You should not give loans to others as it may not be easily recoverable. Your spouse may ask for your financial help.


This week may cause sudden changes in your career. You may even change your job or you may have a sudden argument with your boss and colleagues. Try to keep it calm with your boss. Those who are looking for a job may get a sudden proposal or job as a freelancer. You may make financial gains from your business partner. New colleagues may join your workplace. You may meet senior authorities, it can give you a chance to present your ideas and projects.

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