Aries Weekly Horoscope 1st – 7th August 2021


Love and Relationships

You should be careful before taking any major step in love and relationship. The singles might get into a secret love relationship. You may get a sudden relationship proposal from your colleague or friend. You should avoid getting committed in this relationship as stars are not favourable for this relationship. The communication gap in your marital relationship may give you stress. Your views may conflict with the views of your love partner. You may have ego clashes or over expectations from your spouse. It will give you stress.


For the students, this week is going to be favourable. Work on your plan with hard work and determination. If you were planning to give an interview or examination, this week may give you good results. If you are a student of science or computer software, this week can be good for your studies. You may have a different opinion from your parents in choosing the subject so you are advised to have a healthy discussion with them. This discussion can help you a lot.


You should be cautious with your health. You should have a prior plan so that you can upkeep your health. You are advised to drive carefully and it’s good if you follow the traffic rules with discipline. You should take care of your diet and especially the beverages and oils you use in your food. Heart problems can cause challenges. Don’t try heavy lifting, it can cause pain in your hand muscles. Pregnant ladies should not miss their routine checkup. The sudden workload can give you mental stress.


You may get mixed results in money and finance this week. You may make gains and incur expenditure both simultaneously. But your regular source of income may become slower than your expectation. You may incur expenses in travelling. Pilgrimage or shopping can cause financial crunch, so it will be good if you plan your budget for this week. You should avoid unnecessary arguments with your business partner, this can save you from financial losses. If you are in the jewellery business, this week is going to give you financial success with the transits of Mars and Venus.


You may go out on professional trips. You should be careful while sending mail or messages to your colleagues this week. You will have a good time at your workplace. You may go out on a business trip which can make you successful in your ongoing current project. If you are into art and fashion work, you will taste success. You may start your own business if you have been planning for the same. You will succeed if you have sound planning.

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