Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 15th August – 21st August 2021

Love and Relationships

You should give more focus to your married life. You should be in touch with your spouse and not miss the chance to celebrate a small event at home. Avoid getting stressed as it may cause a gap in your relationship. You may even have a communication gap with your partner. You should give quality time to your partner. Go out on a trip this week. This may strengthen your relationship. Also, don’t get into arguments for past mistakes. Single Aquarius natives may get the desired partner. Or you may have a conversation with your ex-partner this week. Don’t take any major decisions in a relationship. It’s not a favourable time to get into a new relationship. Give some time to understand the new person.


Students should avoid the wrong company. You are advised to do self-study rather and not get into an argument while having a group study. This will retain your focus in studies during this week. You may get help and guidance from your siblings. You may get selected in an interview. You may also get success in an examination. Retrogression of planets suggests that you should double your efforts to get the desired result this week. Transit of Moon and Ketu suggests that learning a new skill may improve your studies. There may be good news in competitive examinations. You should not get into the wrong company of friends.


Your immunity may become weak so you should have a proper diet and avoid junk food and cold beverages. Aggression can impact your health negatively. You may feel stressed because of the workload so you should do mediation and have a proper diet to stay fit and healthy. The presence of Saturn in the first house suggests that you should try to be in the company of positive people. Take a healthy diet and do light exercise.


You may go out on a trip to a foreign land which can cause unplanned expenses. You may incur expenses related to spiritual or religious work. Transit of planets predicts that you may also incur health-related expenditures. The influence of Rahu can cause a loss in investment. It’s not a favourable time to make financial gains, you may get confused with various options of investment. On the other hand, long-term investments can be beneficial this week.


Stick to your positive thoughts and also stay away from any argument this week. A positive attitude may help you get success in the workplace. One of your close friends may fulfil your wish. On the other hand, you may argue with your friend and disagreement of thoughts can cause a break in friendship. The transit of Moon and Sun predicts that you may face some issues with your business partner. Miscommunication can lead you to the wrong decision this week. Foreign travelling and financial gain will happen. An important deal may get finalized.

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