A Doctor Who Does It All – Marjan Assefi

Marjan Assefi

Every person is unique in their way. This can be depicted from the way they deal with things to the way they perceive things. Some people are experts at a single thing, whereas a few excel at everything they touch. Such people are gifted and are capable of bringing a revolution because of the talent they possess. Multi-talented people are also known as multipotentialites – someone who has the urge to learn new things constantly. One such personality is Dr. Marjan Asfi, an American biologist, researcher, and writer who changes the way people perceive doctors.

Dr. Marjan Assefi stepped into the professional world in 2018. She has a dynamic personality who boldly faces all challenges in life and never shies away from trying new things. She is a staunch believer of versatility which is evident as she has not restricted herself to only being a doctor. Asfi has expanded her career as an author, podcaster, researcher, and coach. As a woman of substance, she preaches that every person should exercise their potential to the maximum and explore the unknown sides of their personalities.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Marjan was born in Tehran on December 2nd,1986, and was fond of science and storytelling from a young age. Having an intellectual personality from the beginning allowed her to experiment with different skills. Assefi was guided into the world of writing by her grandfather. As she tried her hand at it, she began letting out her fantasies through short stories. She enjoyed the process, which led to securing the first position at the Kharazmi Festival for writing creative short stories. As a bright student, she and her family aimed to opt for one of the noble professions – being a doctor.

With high hope and big dreams, Marjan enrolled at Azad University in 2008. She completed a BS in Cell/Cellular and Molecular Biology, Genetics in 2012. This was just the beginning for Assefi, as she grew fond of her subjects and decided to study further. She obtained her first Master’s degree in Nano Science from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Eager to learn more, she became a research assistant at the university. Marjan then enrolled at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University to obtain a Master’s in NanoEngineering and Nano Technology.

Knowledge is the only treasure that increases by sharing.

During all her study years, she privately taught Math, MCAT, PCAT, and Biology for almost eight years. As an independent woman, she handled all of her study expenses by herself and never relied on her family for this. Marjan has even taught English at INTERLINK International Institutes and continued until 2017.

Marjan Assefi has a PhD in Nano biology, and she is getting her second doctorate in Healthcare Administration in 2022.

Exploring All of Her Talents

Asfi strongly positioned herself in the field of Nanotechnology and biology after obtaining two Master’s degrees. It was not time to step her foot in the professional, and her first experience was as a Pharmacy technician. She started working part-time at Pharmacy Systems, Inc in 2018 and continues to work there. The following year, Marjan enrolled herself at the Management and Strategy Institute and became certified at Ethics Training in Lab.

Learning never scared her. Marjan was always open to adopting and learning new things and believed in sharing the knowledge too. In 2019, Marjan joined Harvard University to obtain the Post Doctorate law for reproductive technologies and Genomic Certificate Field Of StudyGenomics. Over the years, the self-made personality has transformed herself into a treasure of knowledge who knows how to use her power wisely.

Dr. Marjan Assefi today can be labeled as a multi-faceted personality who has excelled in microbiology and nanotechnology and has also become an author. She has expanded her portfolio extensively overwriting. Asfi has written The Textbook of Nanoneuroscience and Nanoneurosurgery, Get Lost (the Persian Edition), and Life  – Comprehending the Incomprehensible.

Apart from the medical field, Marjan is a certified life coach and has earned the certificate of Energy Healing Practitioner from the Academy of Energy Healing. With her knowledge and experience, she has successfully managed to heal and turn around the lives of many. As a Master of Life Coach, Assefi guides people to make progress in their lives to attain greater fulfillment.

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