10 Top-Notch Office Chair Designs

Many people are unaware that there are many varieties of chairs. You can choose one as per your unique requirements. When it comes to office chairs, selecting the right one becomes more essential as you may need to sit on them for hours while doing your necessary official tasks. These chairs are also available in various forms and sizes; each type has a different set of features. Also, it is important to consider that different tasks may need different chairs. Generally, an ideal chair should provide ergonomic support, comfort, and functions so that you can concentrate on your work and perform your duties properly. 

Check out the following popular types of chairs used for official purposes:

  • 24-hour Chairs

24-hour chairs are the best bet for constant use. These chairs are mainly used in call centres and similar work environments. They can withstand regular use for long hours, and they are made of highly durable frames. Apart from frames, 24-hour chairs also contain padded seats, backs, and a couple of ergonomic adjustments.

  • Big And Tall Chairs

If you buy a standard chair, its size may not fit all. But big and tall chairs offer extra space for fatty people. These chairs are made of a heavy-duty manufacturing process that ensures their durability and safety. Throughout the working hours, it will remain the same and provide you with the required support. 

  • Computer Chairs

Computer chairs or task chairs are meant to be assembled with other computer desks. These features sometimes feature a couple of ergonomic adjustments. These features enable you to adjust the chair as per your comfort level. They also contain a five-star base with rolling casters. This base ensures smooth movement in a professional setting.

  • Conference Chairs

These chairs are slightly forward-leaning, and they can keep you engaged during important meetings or discussions. These seating options do not have many features for you to adjust the chair. Conference chairs are not meant for long hours as meetings and conferences can last for 7 to 8 hours at a stretch.

  • Drafting Chairs And Stools

Drafting chairs can be paired with drafting tables, standing height desks, and counter-height meeting conference tables. Some of these stools may feature a foot ring for supporting your feet. In addition, they have height adjustment features that can be best fitted in the desired work environment.

  • Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic chairs are full of multiple adjustment options. That’s why they can meet different requirements of individuals. Some of these options include depth of the seat, knee tilt, seat height, back height, lumbar support, etc.

  • Executive Chairs

These luxurious chairs are designed for high-positioned individuals. They have high backs and comfortable cushions. 

  • Petite Chairs

Petite chairs are also called standard chairs. These chairs do not meet everyone’s requirements and are meant for petite individuals.

  • Ottomans

Ottomans are low seated footstools having no back. However, some ottomans have storage facilities, and they contain a movable top. By opening this top, you will find a compartment where you can store your essential belongings.

  • Reception Chairs

If you are looking for reception seating arrangements, these chairs are the most suitable ones for your requirement. They look like stationary chairs. These chairs are also called guest chairs. They can be four-leg based, cantilever based, or sled based.

Different office chairs have additional features. Therefore, while buying a chair, you should consider your requirements. As a wide range of chairs is available, you will easily find one as per your requirements.

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