Why is Stargazing Therapeutic: The Healing Power of Stars

astronomy constellation cosmos dark
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Stargazing was not just a pastime on beautiful nights for early humans. People crossed continents and navigated the seas with stars as their guide. They even thought that the constellations mapped their fates. The stars above have carried different stories for everyone since the dawn of humanity.

Personally, stargazing has helped me relieve stress and find mental silence in the wonders above. The mystical power of the nights with stars shooting lights of some sort into the sky has been therapeutic not just for me but also for many others. How, you may ask?

Seeing something so enormous and impenetrable as a star-filled sky, we feel small in the greatest possible way. The stars make us feel diminished as we are in the presence of something bigger than ourselves, making us humble and more compassionate.

When you see the stars above, everything around you quickly turns still and silent. The noise of the honking, screams, and friction of the cars on the roads appear to dissolve into infinity slowly. Quietness serves as a bonus while stargazing.

Our minds tend to absorb a lot of different and exciting things while looking at the night skies. Regular stargazing in silence gives us the solution to worldly worries. Perhaps the answers to the hardest questions in life are hidden above.

While stargazing, you recognize that even though you are merely a grain in this massive cosmos, you still matter; you ‘are’ still matter. Even if the stars are light-years away, they shoot a warm feeling that only a heart can feel.

Staring at the stars above is a constant reminder that questioning, exploring, and hunting for knowledge is as eternal as the creation itself.

Stargazing is one of the universe’s strongest reminders that light is evident even in the darkest of times.

Now that you know some benefits of stargazing, you may want to take a long, quiet, pleasurable stroll through the woods after an inhumane evening. As you gaze into the clear night sky, you will find that your appreciation for nature increases as well as your appreciation for life itself.

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