Why are aliens ignoring earth?

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Photo by Erik Mclean on Pexels.com

Why are aliens ignoring earth? Is there any way they can build a base on the moon, and from here, they will be able to travel to distant galaxies? If this is so, how come we haven’t heard from any alien beings yet? Did they jump to other planets or jump through the wormhole?

The first reason is that aliens may very well be out there, but we haven’t spotted them. There have been numerous rumors about space vehicles and spaceships that haven’t been successfully landed on the moon or Mars. Why has this happened? Could it be that the aliens have built their habitats elsewhere in another solar system, on another planet?

Is it possible that there are other civilizations out there in the Universe that are far advanced technologically that we do not even know about? Could they be building those starships and spaceships? It is highly likely that they are and that they have been doing so for quite some time. Some of us think that this is a major factor in why we haven’t found or heard from any aliens. They may be very advanced technologically, but they would like to keep this a secret and keep us from traveling to their star system or going to the moon.

Is it possible that the aliens building the starships and spaceships are also building civilizations on other planets in the solar system and in outer space? It is possible, and if they have been doing so, then they wouldn’t want us to find out. They could be building structures on other worlds to protect themselves from human beings and from us in general. Why are aliens seemingly snubbing earth?

Another reason why aliens are ignoring earth is that humans haven’t shown any interest in them. Have you ever noticed this with visiting other planets? There is very little or nothing that they are interested in doing for us or, for that matter communicating with us. Why are aliens ignoring earth? I believe that the reason is straightforward: humans have been incredibly passive when it comes to space and the Universe. We have been so busy looking for civilizations elsewhere that we have not taken the time to notice that there are many habitable planets in our own solar system that we could potentially live on.

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