Where to Spray Perfume the Proper Way

Using scent is a beautiful way to add an extra dimension to your beauty routine. It stimulates the senses and can even lift your mood.

Perfume is also an ancient luxury. Scholars have found evidence of perfume in ancient civilizations such as Egypt and Mesopotamia.

So far, so good. Yet do you find that you spray perfume and it fades after a couple of hours?

If so, you might be applying it wrong. Believe it or not, but there is an art in learning how to wear perfume.

Wondering where to spray perfume for the best effect? Read on to learn more.

Tips for the Best Success

Before we cover where to spray perfume, here are a couple of tips. These will help you get the most out of your scent.

Use an unscented deodorant so it doesn’t compete with your perfume or cologne. 

Scent won’t cling to dry skin as well as oily skin. Apply an unscented body oil before spritzing to give your scent something to stick to.

Don’t spray a mist into the air and then walk through it. The scent disappears too quickly and you waste the perfume. Instead, spritz the perfume or cologne directly onto the skin.

Where to Spray Perfume

Remember we said perfume likes oily skin? Apply it to the top of your ears because it’s oilier than behind your ears.

You can also add Vaseline or an unscented lotion to your pulse points and spritz onto the Vaseline or lotion. Think of your pulse points as perfect perfume locations since they’re warmer spots. They are:

  • Wrists
  • Neck
  • Behind the knees
  • Inner elbow
  • Below the midriff

Ankles and calves are also good perfume spots. Wondering where to spray cologne? The same points apply as they do for perfume!

You can also dab perfume or cologne onto the pulse points. Doing so uses less product and the warmth of your body will help diffuse the scent. This is the best way to wear perfume.

Enjoy Your Perfume for Longer

Great perfumes deserve the best application. So if you’re using, for example, a scent by the Bvlgari international fashion brand, you want it to last.

Don’t touch the areas where you’ve sprayed until the perfume has dried. That’s why it’s a bad idea to spritz your wrists and then rub them together. It just rubs the scent away.

Remember to spray your clothes too. Fabric fibers hold scents for hours, and sometimes even after they’re washed. As a rule of thumb, only spritz washable fabrics so the scent won’t stain.

Some people like to spray perfume on their hair, but this can dry out your hair. Avoid this by spraying a scent onto a hairbrush and brushing it through your hair. Your hair will smell amazing, but the fragrance won’t dry it out.

The Right Technique for the Right Perfume

Now you know where to spray perfume or cologne for the best results. You need to choose the right part of the body and use the right technique.

Both you and those around you can enjoy the scent all day.

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