What matters to Indian consumers when shopping online

(IANS) Great customer experience coupled with data security, sustainability and ethics matter greatly to Indian consumers when shopping online, according to a study.

The study, which was conducted by Qualtrics for SAP Customer Experience, surveyed 982 Indian consumers to understand their expectations and experiences with supermarkets and fashion brands.

While 81 percent Indians prefer shopping online with brands that have service options that allow them to transact how they like (online or face-to-face), 85 per cent prioritise delivery options that are both timely and accurate, as well as ease of making purchase across channels.

Data security is also a major concern — about 84 per cent want to know and have full transparency when it comes to their personal data being used online. The study also showed that ‘fairness’ is of paramount importance to Indian consumers, with respect to the rights and welfare of workers (84 percent) and ethical treatment of suppliers (81 percent) at the top of the list.

The consumers (72 percent) are shifting their mindset by focusing on brands who have a strong emphasis on sustainability and ethics in sourcing and selling their products.
They are also placing high importance on healthy food, with 79 percent preferring local organic produce from brands. Moreover, consumers (71 percent) also want to give back to the local community, either through charities, donations, fundraising or foundations.

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