What Is The Pomodoro Technique?

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Iphone App Development has come a long way in recent years, and it is this type of development that has led to the creation of a great number of Apps that have helped the case of productivity. Consider all the super-talented App Developers Australia who study various types of different coding languages to understand the importance of user design and user experience to create the right App to help you in your productivity endeavors. Yet while there are various hacks, like meditation, for instance, that will assist you in getting things done, none seem to be as versatile and potent as The Pomodoro Technique. 

What Is The Pomodoro Technique?

Jobs are increasing at present. And, most of these jobs are on the online sphere. What is interesting to note is that in an era of bettering yourself, various techniques can be used to help you achieve a lot. One such technique is The Pomodoro Technique. Helping you meet deadlines, what this technique does is quite simple. It basically narrows your focus to the task at hand. You can easily achieve your deadlines based on the time constraints that this technique creates. What it actually does is play with the reward centers of your brain to ensure that you deliver on your tasks.  

The Pomodoro Technique is a timer, and has you working for 25 minutes and then prods you to take a 5-minute break. As mentioned previously, what happens is that you work hard and fast on the designated task and then take a much-needed break. With your focus being shifted towards the task at hand, you are not distracted in any way and this helps you stay focused. This need to stay focused is very important and ensures that you don’t deter from the task at hand. 

So while The Pomodoro Technique helps you avoid self-interruptions, you are also holding yourself accountable. One of the enemies of productivity is mental fatigue. This is where such a technique helps you focus your attention on your levels of productivity and better your output on a weekly basis. As mentioned, you get to reward yourself when it comes to the work that you do. The Pomodoro Technique leads you down the route of a meditative process that only brings about a great deal of productivity.


There are many techniques out there that can help you achieve the impossible when it comes to cognitively-difficult tasks. However, it is The Pomodoro Technique that is surely a productivity hack that deserves a special mention. What it does in essence is create a deadline-based opportunity that superpowers your sense of urgency to finish a task. Of course, there are plenty of Apps that use the Pomodoro Technique to help you become super productive. Consider this as a great way to get things done. Chances are that there are pre-installed Apps on your smartphone device that will assist you in overcoming those productivity challenges as soon as possible.

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