What Are the Best Beauty Salon Services to Offer?


If you own or operate a beauty salon or just rent a booth and offer your services, it’s definitely a booming business.

Before you make your business plans, it’s always important to know which services are the most popular and will bring the most clientele to your salon.

Read on for some more information about the best beauty salon services available and why you should offer them to your customers.

Haircuts, Styling, and Coloring

When it comes to the most basic services, every salon should offer haircuts to its clientele. You can specialize in haircuts just for men or women, however, you’ll bring in more money if you can cut hair for all genders and age groups.

In addition to basic cuts, you should also offer to wash, dry, and style your customers’ hair. These are the most basic of all beauty salon services, but they’re a good gateway to offering even more options once your customers become regulars.

Aside from cuts and styling, most beauty salons also offer hair coloring. Aside from hair extensions, coloring is one of the most popular services requested at beauty salons.

Customers trust their salon to give them a beautiful hair color that lasts. Using at-home hair dye can often result in the wrong color or wrong application that often leads to disappointment and hair damage.

Make sure you’re using a quality name brand for all of your haircare products, including color. Offer extras like highlights and touch-ups, all-over coloring, lowlights, and more to ensure that you have a full range of coloring services available.

Beauty Salon Services: Perms and Relaxing

Although perms aren’t as popular as they used to be, this is still a service that most people expect beauty salons to offer. Even if a customer has naturally straight hair, a perm can give them the curly look they long for.

Be sure to add perms to your list of basic services as well as hair shampooing, extensions, cuts, coloring, and styling so you have a comprehensive “service menu.” Using a list of basics will also make it easier to ensure that you have all of the tools and products that you need on hand.

If you want to get creative, learn a few new techniques that you can offer your clients. Whether it’s applying new relaxing products or a new type of perm or color, it’s a great way to pique the interest of customers old and new.


A lot of women (and men) ask about waxing when they visit their salon. Waxing is an effective way to remove unwanted facial hair including the eyebrows and hair on the upper lip.

Make sure you’re following the best business practices when it comes to waxing so you’re doing things in a safe, sanitary manner. One method is to apply warm wax to the area, then using a strip of paper or linen to stretch the skin, the hair is gently removed.

Hot wax is another option that uses wax at a higher temperature. The wax is slightly cooled, then pulled from the area in a quick manner to get rid of the unwanted hair. 

In most cases, people should have waxing done every four to six weeks to keep the area smooth and hair-free. This applies to both hot and warm waxing, and many customers will return to have these services repeated which gives you a low-overhead service with guaranteed revenue.

Manicures and Pedicures

For many people, a visit to the salon doesn’t always include hair styling or haircuts, but it does include getting a manicure or pedicure. This is an extremely popular service that will bring in customers for a wide variety of occasions from proms and weddings to date nights.

When performing a mani or pedi, the hands or feet should be soaked in warm water. Add some essential oils to give your customers an aromatherapeutic experience.

The nails should be clipped to the desired length, then filed smooth. Cuticles are trimmed and the hands or feet should also be lightly massaged.

You can offer basic nail polish services or offer to upsell services like acrylic nails. If you or another staff member has the talent, you can also offer to paint custom designs, which is a highly popular choice.

Massage Therapy

Most people associate massages with spas, but there are some services you can offer at a beauty salon, too. It’s important to note that you or someone in your salon should be licensed in order to provide this service.

From reflexology to shiatsu, providing massage therapy to clients is a great way to bring in business. Make sure you have a separate, private room where massages can take place rather than in the main salon area.

You’ll need to pay for quality equipment like lighting and massage tables, but the investment is well worth the upfront cost. It’s always a good idea to ask customers to schedule appointments when performing a massage. This will ensure that you have the staff and time available and that your clients have a pleasant experience from start to finish.

Boost Your Salon with Exceptional Services

From haircuts and coloring to waxing and manicures, keep these beauty salon services in mind when you do business. The more comprehensive your service menu is, the more customers you’ll get, and the more will want to return.

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