Were Islamic rulers in India really as great and clement as they are shown by Indian liberals? 

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Islamic rulers in India are actually not only known for their brutality against Hindus, but they are certainly remembered for their unbridled lust which was astonishingly not limited to Hindu women. If we fossick through history meticulously, ignoring the glorious rhapsody of these lecherous Islamic emperors written by their bards, we will surely be astounded to know that their unimaginable obsession with Hindu women led them to murder thousands of Hindu chiefs, and their unsheathed lust made them entrench sexual truce with the defeated kings in Indian culture. However, the history of barbaric Islamic emperor Alauddin Khilji is already written in a exaggerated way that indirectly flaunts his sexual escapades. One of the most favorite pleasure of Islamic rulers was to get the queens and princesses of Hindu kings to make them sex slaves, delineating Islam over Hinduism. 

Here are a few things about Islamic era which every Hindu must be aware of;


This was apparently an Islamic hell for the women who were unfortunately kidnapped by the rulers from their defeated or killed kings. It was a private snuggery of debauchery for the emperor. The obsession of Islamic rulers with the Hindu women was this high that it led them to coerce Hindu kings to accept their suzerainty and hand over their daughters and wives to them whom they later added into harem or made sex slaves for the army which would devour them sexually and murder brutally. 

According to the Indian historians, in Alauddin’s  harem, there were approximately 70000 men, women and children. Of which, 30000 women were the wives of the defeated kings. They were kept in a huge hall in the corner of the palace reserved for the emperor. This was doubtlessly bizarre for any normal emperor. Sexual entertainment and pleasure was supposed to be served profusely by all the concubines which was certainly for the emperor to flaunt his religion while raping his slaves. Death was less painful for them than choking themselves while trying to satiate the unfathomable whims and fetishes of Alauddin.

Bacha Bazi

This is a slang term in many parts of Afghanistan for a custom created for the child sex abuse, sexual slavery and child prostitution which is sadly still alive in some parts of Afghanistan. This custom is unbelievably ancient. It was injected in Indian borders by Islamic invaders and passionately spread by Islamic rulers. Where in markets, the rich old men used to buy adolescent males or boys beautifully dressed in attires of dancers, fully trained by their masters for the sale, for sexual slavery and prostitution. Pedophilia was undeniably a glorious perk in Islamic era. That’s why Alauddin’s harem consisted of thousands of men, and boys caged in slavery. Probably, they used to be a well licked meat for the army once the sultan was done with relishing their bodies. 

His bisexuality was mentioned in many scriptures of that time, and besides, a huge number of men and young boys in his harem convincingly proves his involvement in sodomy. It’s said that he bought a hindu slave for 1000dinars in a famous market of Afghanistan known as Bachha bazaar, who later was named Malik Kafur. Thus, it is axiomatic that Islamic rulers were into debauchery and pedophilia. For which, they created their own rules to justify their promiscuity and fancies in their religion at any cost in order to relish their unhealthy sexual desires. 

Destruction of temples and historical rhapsody

Annexation of any kingdom ruled by Hindu kings was the most coveted desire of all Islamic rulers. The main purpose of their lives was to destroy as many temples as they could, and ransacking the incredibly rich temples like Somnath. In current time, we notice lots of people complaining about Hindu community which is now reclaiming what was snatched and destroyed in the Islamic era, but this is certainly not unfair or inappropriate for the society because for these temples which we are rightly reclaiming and rebuilding made Hindu blood flowed in torrents. Many are still buried under the huge mosques. 

After ordering his military to destroy the glorious temples of Bhilsa, the fame of Devagiri’s riches and prosperity reach Alauddin ’ears, his merciless army began to sabotage the city and the villages, looting innocent people, destroying temples and killing people. The city was drenched in blood of men, women, children, the Devagiri temple was plundered and razed to the ground. Moreover, Hindu women were kidnapped and later were made sex slaves of the army. 

The history remembers the destruction of the incredibly rich Somnath temple which was destroyed, looted and burnt many times, but the Hindu kings reconstructed it. So, Alauddin’s army marched to the Saurastra with a barbarous behest of the Islamic emperor to destroy and loot the temple again, ensuring to sabotage it to the ground. And he further ordered that if any temple destroyed by his army were reconstructed, they should be abolished again so that Hindus couldn’t revive worship at the sites. 

His army led by his slave destroyed umpteen temples including Madurai, Vijapur and Chidambaram. In order to exaggerate the barbarous bravery of the emperor, the famous bard of Khilji sultanate, Amir Khusrau wrote sarcastically about the Hindu kings and glorified the destruction of Hindu temples, describing a court held on 19 October 1312, he wrote. “ All the insolent Hindus in the realm of Hind had died on the battlefield and the other Hindus had bowed their heads before Alauddin”. He further wrote poetically. “ The ground had become saffron colored from the tilaks of Hindu chiefs bowing before Alauddin”

These scriptures are highly appreciated by Muslim community till now because it emanates a sense of pride for them, showing that Islam had ruled barbarically Hinduism for decades. 

In current time, Bollywood and political parties are ardently promoting interfaith marriages, so that Hindus can completely forget that for avoiding sexual slavery, 26000 Rajput women including Padmatvati embraced death and committed jauhar for their honor, jumping into the arms of merciless flames, but didn’t let any Islamic casanova rend their modesty and make them concubines for the ruthless army. They chose self immolation because they were familiar with Islamic rulers and their fantasies. Even dead bodies were not spared by the invaders who had unnatural sexual desires like necrophilia. History confirms this. So Rajput women deliberately embraced the fire and darkened Alauddin’s victory. Thousands of men were cut down like dry grass by the Islamic invaders for not acquiescing to their lust for Hindu women. And their poets had written a lot to praise these cruelties against Hindus. However, Bollywood is riveted to a tendency of lauding these rulers, and disrespecting Hindu culture. Many so-called feminists and activists believe that Jauhar was more painful than being eaten by the lascivious sultan and his army. Ironically, they fulminate against the atrocities committed against the women. They demand freedom from all stereotypes, but laud the sexual slavery of women by Islamists. 

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