Virgo Weekly Horoscope 11th July– 17th July 2021


Love and Relationships

Virgos may get entangled in dilemmas and conflicts of interest in the initial part of the week. You may feel pulled in two opposing directions which may make you unsure about which course to follow. With the intense and amplifying impact of planets, your emotions may surface that may confuse you. Love and relationships may improve in the latter part of the week. Despite this, all may not still be well in the relationship domain. Some minor cracks may get visible in your love life so ensure you maintain a smooth flow of communication and strive to soothe differences. Plan out short trips to spend quality time with loved ones to strengthen your bonding.


Students may find the week suitable to gather new skills and techniques. They may develop relations with learned people to move towards their goals. Although they need to pull up your socks as challenges may come along. Make sure you keep yourself motivated and seek the advice of an experienced person to enhance your knowledge. Above all, the latter part may be a fruitful phase as you may make considerable progress with the help of mentors and solid strategies. It may be a good time for long-distance traveling for those in the research field.


The placement of stars may bring good tidings on the health front for Virgo natives. You may be able to maintain good fitness levels. As the week advances in the second phase situations may turn more favorable as strength and stamina may be at the peak. Although, with the impact of some malefic planets in orbit you may experience fatigue around the period. This may make you lazy as stress levels may rise. Thus, Ganesha informs you to join a fitness club or a gym to keep yourself physically fit and strong.


Despite challenges and unfavorable monetary conditions in the initial part of the week, nothing may stop Virgos from giving them their best. Although, financial conditions may eventually improve as the week advances. You may be poised to strike profitable deals. An excellent opportunity may knock your door around mid-week. Ensure you maintain high-efficiency levels and flexibility to exploit them to the fullest. Positive news around the same time may have a soothing impact on your financial status for the week.


The initial part of the week may enhance the goodwill of Virgo natives. Although with the advancement of the week they may get a bit lethargic. Ganesha advises you to shake yourself and apply all your energies to gain optimized results. Indecisiveness may hamper the progress of office professionals as well as businessmen. Therefore it may get necessary for them to stay focused on their targets and keep away from diversions. Fortunately, the favorable placement of stars may work for them as they may be abundantly showered with good luck around the weekend.

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