The Ultimate Maputo Travel Guide


Maputo is easily one of East Africa’s most attractive capitals with its beautiful architecture and wide avenues lined with jacaranda and flame trees. With an extensive selection of restaurants and hotels, shady sidewalk cafes, well-stocked supermarkets, and a vigorous cultural scene, getting to know the town is a highlight of visiting Mozambique and crucial to understanding the nation. 

Getting Around Maputo

You can stroll the city center all day but steer clear of the business district at night without fail. Metered taxis are the best bet to move around in the nighttime.

“Tuk-Tuks” is also an excellent way to see the town. The drivers are more fluent in English as they give their services as tour guides to the passengers who are visiting cruise liners.

Top Attractions in Maputo

Chissano Gallery

Works of celebrated sculptor Alberto Chissano and his remains are on display in his family’s residence at the Chissano Gallery. This is a beautiful place for people interested in history and archaeology. The gallery is spectacular for medieval history fanatics.

National Art Museum

Half a block northwest of Avenida Karl Marx, the National Art Museum has an outstanding collection of sculptures and paintings by Mozambique’s finest modern artists, including Alberto Chissano and Malangatana.

Centro Cultural Franco-Moçambicano

Centro Cultural Franco is an excellent place, with music, art exhibitions, dance performances, theater, films, a cafe, a craft shop, and more. It’s genuinely a lively place for both young and old.

Things to do in Maputo

  • Visit some wonderful beaches, such as Ponta d’Ouro and Catembe. It is very pleasant in these atmospheres and is safe, but beware of pickpocketing and dodge bringing valuables with you on a beach walk. Ponta Malongane and Ponta D’Ouro have beautiful scuba-diving spots, with campsites and chalets right on the beach.
  • Take in a wedding; your tour guide can help with that. You can find beautiful tribal singing and ladies ululating. 
  • The local cuisine is a blend of African, Middle Eastern, Portuguese and Indian cuisine. All these different cuisines are served in various areas in the town. You can try authentic South Asian cuisine at Maputo with some great curries straight from Indian restaurants.
  • You can also go for some shopping in Maputo. African fabrics both waxprint and woven in the fabric shops are a must buy.
  • Expect to be blown away by the architecture, the buzz, the dancing, if not the prices while nightclub hopping. The party culture is surprisingly amazing, and the architecture of the places is spellbound. Expect friendly youngsters at the nightclubs.

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